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Colostrum Benefits Sports People

Colostrum Benefits Sports People

Friday, May 23rd 2003

Colostrum Helps Athletes Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Studies by respected researchers have shown that colostrum - and the growth factors it naturally contains - helps metabolise fat and support the growth of lean muscle mass. Many body-builders and exercise experts say that colostrum is the most effective muscle building agent they have ever used - without resorting to illegal and dangerous steroids. Supplementation with at least 4 grams a day of Colostrum Powder may help people achieve their desired effects.

Growth Factors for Athletes

It is now more widely understood that colostrum contains a potent matrix of naturally occurring growth and protective factors in relatively high levels. These growth factors include Transforming Growth Factors (TgF-a and B), Insulin-Like Growth Factors (IgF I and II) as well as Epithelial Growth Factors (EgF) and other minor growth factors, important to the development of the intestine. This potent cocktail of compounds is now of interest to the athletic and body building community.

The Transforming Growth Factors have been shown in studies to help and assist with the repair and healing of connective tissue, such as is found in joints. This compound, naturally occurring in the body early in life, stimulates proliferation of cells in these very important mechanical regions of the body. It has been noted that TGF levels can be increased with oral supplementation of colostrum, thus assisting the body to repair these vital areas of the body.

The Insulin-Like Growth Factor has been shown in studies to help with the development of primarily muscle cells and tissue. This compound is again naturally occurring in the body early in life. The body ceases to produce these compounds as we age. The supplementation of colostrum has been shown to increase the natural levels of this compound in the body, assisting athletes and body builders to build lean muscle tissue.

Other Essential Compounds in colostrum

There is also a range of very potent anti-inflammatory compounds present in colostrum. This is a complex group of components shown to reduce inflammation in clinical studies. The exact compounds have not been identified but it is believed to be a group of compounds which work together. Evidence from people suffering arthritis has shown that colostrum when taken as a supplement reduces the pain associated with this disease, by reducing the incidence of inflammation around the affected joints. These complex compounds and the other protective factors in colostrum have a synergistic effect on the body, particularly in high performing athletes.

Outstanding Sports Results

As early as 1990 colostrum was being used as a sports supplement to increase stamina. The first studies were carried out in Finland with the Finnish national cross country ski team. In this study it was demonstrated that those athletes taking the colostrum supplement were less fatigued and showed improved performance.

These outstanding results have been further validated in other countries, particularly in Australian studies. In these studies using athletes from the disciplines of running, cycling and rowing, it has been found that athletes taking approximately 20 grams per day of concentrated colostrum protein powder were able to undertake more work than those taking a placebo. The studies have also confirmed the ability of these athletes to perform a second bout of maximal exercise following a relatively short period of recovery from a prior bout of exercise.

Colostrum has been shown to be an excellent supplement for high performing athletes. It assists them to recover faster from bouts of exercise while also protecting mechanical joints in the body and helps to further establish lean muscle tissue. It has also been shown to assist with muscle and connective tissue repair. It does not appear to unnaturally elevate growth factor levels in the body. Colostrum supplementation also repairs and rebuilds the intestinal structures and environment protecting the body from sickness.

Reproduced unabridged from the April - June 2003 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

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