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Detox Your Body - Improve Your Energy

Detox Your Body - Improve Your Energy

Sunday, April 20th 2003

Detoxification is not really a new concept. The theory that most ill health originates from a toxic overload has been the basis for naturopathy for centuries. Almost every culture and traditional system of healing believes in cleansing and detoxifying to improve health and limit disease linked to toxic substances. True detoxification entails a complex set of interactions, which requires specific nutrients and functions to succeed.

Toxins consist of substances inflicting harmful effects on cells. Toxicity refers to the degree of toxins within your system, particularly affecting liver and bowel function.

The bowel can become toxic from improper digestion, poor diet and intestinal problems including yeast overgrowth.

A diet rich in vegetables and fibre such as Psyllium can help bind toxins and promote their excretion. It is also important to repopulate the intestines with good bacteria through Nature's Way Primadophilus and heal any intestinal problems or leaky gut syndrome with Radiance Colostrum capsules.

The liver actually cleanses the blood, eliminating circulating toxins and those which have been absorbed from the bowel. The liver also primarily deals with pesticides, herbicides, drugs, chemical solvents, food additives and alcohol.

Lack of fibre allows toxins to be reabsorbed instead of excreted. This shows the importance of sufficient fibre in the diet.

With our present polluted and over-processed environment including chemical toxins in food and prescription drugs, a healthy detoxification system becomes essential.

Dr James Balch, the internationally recognised medical doctor and author has determined the importance of detoxification and a healthy liver to help the body eliminate the toxins while improving liver, kidneys and immune system function.

There are many products on the market that support Liver Function and Detoxificaton. One of our favourites is Super Thisilyn, an advanced detox formula. Comprehensive liver support. Ultimate combination of herbals, amino acids & food-based nutrients to support liver health & detoxification.

The following products are all useful for Supporting your Liver:

Super Thisilyn
Thisilyn Cleanse
Dandelion Coffee
Burdock Root
Chicory Coffee
Dandelion Root
Formula 825 Verm Xpel
Liver Detox & Support
Livatone Plus
Body Cleanse Total Detox Pack
Heavy Metal Detox

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Disclaimer: The health information presented here has been written for the New Zealand health consumer. It is of a general nature and is only intended to provide a summary of the subjects covered. The information is not intended to be comprehensive or to provide medical advice to you. While all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, no responsibility or liability is accepted, and no person should act in reliance on any statement contained in the information provided. All health ailments should be treated by a qualified health professional.


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