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Possibly One of the World's Greatest Herbal Discoveries

Possibly One of the World

Monday, November 3rd 2003

An Old Ojibwa Indian Herbal Remedy

Most herbal remedies are based on the healing qualities inherent in the whole plant. Orthodox medicine deals with the illnesses our bodies suffer by breaking apart complex substances to isolate the active principle. As a result, compounds are formed that are specific to a set of symptoms. This in turn can lead to the symptoms of an illness being treated rather than the cause. An additional disturbing aspect of this is the side effects these drug compounds can have on the general health of our bodies. These effects can be so devastating that they often appear worse then the illness.

Since American President Nixon's call for a "war on cancer" in the late 1960's, the statistics show the "war" is actually being lost and most current treatment methods are ineffective.

A cancer control strategy for New Zealand was launched on the 26th August 2003 aimed at primary prevention, better screening and more effective diagnosis and treatment.

It follows estimates which suggest 80 percent of cancers are due to environment and lifestyle factors and are potentially preventable.

New Zealand has the highest death rate in the world for bowel cancer, the fifth highest for prostate and cervical cancers and the sixth highest for breast cancer. Melanoma deaths rates are also among the highest. For Maori women the death rate is 78 percent higher than non-Maori. For Maori men, the figure is 51 percent.

We need to look at the alternatives. We tend to forget that all physical life totally depends on plants. Since the beginning of recorded history there have been countless proven healing methods with the oldest preserved document on health and healing being written by a Chinese Emperor about 5,000 years ago.

Historical Background

In 1922 an elderly patient in Northern Ontario, Canada was dying of old age and she related the following story:

In the early 1890's she had come from England to be with her prospector husband in northern Ontario and one day she noticed a lump in her breast. They were worried, so her husband spoke to the medicine man of the local Ojibwa tribe, with whom he had made friends. The medicine man suggested that the wife drink the tea that the Indians made and was used by their own people.

Being sceptical, they decided instead to travel to the general hospital in Toronto to find out what the problem was. Once at the hospital, their worst fears were confirmed. She did have the serious problem they suspected. As usual the only recommended treatment available was surgery. In 1892 the options were very limited. The prospector and his wife had known a friend with the same problem who had accepted surgery and died. Being more sceptical of this procedure than the Indian remedy, they went back north and the wife started taking the herbal concoction. Within 2 months she began to notice a change and after a year of taking the tea daily, there was no sign of the disease and it never returned. The rest of it is history.

Today many people around the world are taking these powerful herbs. Some patience and perseverance is needed to see results where a long term problem is involved.

These herbs, so synergistically powerful in cleansing and healing, have been studied extensively and have a wide range of healing properties.

Burdock Root: Active ingredients include 45% inulin, essential oils, vitamins and a broad array of minerals. The Chinese consider Burdock to be strengthening and nutritive, making it an excellent tonic. It is traditionally used to cleanse and detoxify. Burdock can help decrease cellular mutations and protect cells against several toxic chemicals (K.Morita et al. 1984: Mutation Research 129 1:25)

Sheep Sorrel: Provides strong immune support and is a good source of vitamin C. It was traditionally used to cool fevers and to aid in the removal of wastes by increasing urine flow. (Foster 1990 "Medicinal Plants").

Slippery Elm: Slippery Elm bark contains large amounts of mucilage. It is useful soothing inflammatory irritation and strengthening the digestive system.

Turkey Rhubarb root: Chinese physicians have used this internally and externally since antiquity. The root is rich in iron. It helps normalise bowel movements and is considered a safe and effective laxative.

This combination of herbs has been used to alleviate many chronic and degenerative conditions because the herbs cleanse the blood as well as the liver and strengthens the immune system.

Esiak is based on a traditional Obijwa herbal formula. Contains: Burdock root, Sheep sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Turkey Rhubarb root.

Reproduced unabridged from the October - December 2003 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

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