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Armoracia - Horseradish Root - Discover the Metabolic Catalyst

Armoracia - Horseradish Root - Discover the Metabolic Catalyst

Thursday, March 13th 2003

Armoracia has been used since medieval times, as a stimulant, antiseptic, digestive aid and diuretic to treat the urinary tract. It was also used to prevent scurvy because of its naturally rich potency of vitamin C.

"I'm a big believer in horseradish (and Japanese wasabi) for clearing the sinuses" writes Dr James Duke in his book The Green Pharmacy.

Before refrigeration and modern cooking hygiene, Armoracia was prepared in flavourful sauces as a protection against poisoning from spoiled meats and fish. We now understand that Armoracia contains key actives called isothiocyanates, which are shown to inhibit the growth of food poisoning bacteria and fungi.

With the tens of thousands of New Zealanders experiencing food poisoning every year there could be a useful role for Armoracia.

Modern Herbal Medicine
In Germany, Armoracia is approved in Commission E Monographs as an herbal therapy for respiratory and urinary tract conditions.

The Physicians Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines also supports its usage in supporting urinary tract health, as well as for cough and bronchial irritations. Because of its volatile oils, Armoracia should not be used by people with digestive ulcers or with a history of kidney disease.

Metabolic Boost
Armoracia contains the enzyme peroxidase, which is a powerful catalyst (accelerator) in the metabolism of oxygen from dietary fuel. Within the thyroid gland peroxidase enzymes are essential to the formation of metabolic hormones. These enzymes are also used by the body to activate its oxygen fuel supply.

Armoracia has also been shown to exhibit antioxidant activity that prevents free radical damage. That's the amazing balance of nature.

Reproduced unabridged from the February/ March 2003 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

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