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Silica - Anti Aging Mineral

Silica - Anti Aging Mineral

Monday, March 3rd 2003

As we age, we notice indicators such as wrinkles; thinning, dry and brittle hair; loss of skin elasticity; fading memory and weak bones. The body needs considerable amounts of silica and if it is lacking the ageing process could be accelerated. The mineral silica is sometimes referred to as "the youth and beauty mineral" as it helps keep the cells glued together.

Silica is a major component of collagen and when it is in ample supply in the body, the skin stays soft and elastic, the eyes sparkle, the hair is shiny and the bones and teeth remain strong.

Silica works in harmony with calcium and assists in the mineralisation of bones. This is a positive role silica plays in helping the body ward off osteoporosis. There is also some indication that silica helps dissipate abnormal tissue and bone growths such as calcium nodules and spurs. Dentists have indicated that people with excessive dental caries and who have weak or poorly formed teeth, may be deficient in silica. A shortage of silica in the brain and nerves can affect both memory and neurological responses.

Can you get enough silica from your food? Most nutritionists say it is doubtful. This is mainly because the silica in fresh vegetables is diminished or destroyed through over-cooking and over processing of food. The stress of every day living seems to adversely affect the body's ability to retain silica.

Nature has an answer and has provided a natural source of silica in the Horsetail herb. The stem of this plant contains large amounts of natural silica in a largely water soluble colloidal form that is easily and quickly assimilated by the body.

The German Commission E has approved Horsetail use for infections of the urinary tract, kidney and bladder stones, wounds and burn healing. It is also used for static and post-traumatic oedema.

Silica may not be the best-known mineral but it certainly is a very important one.

Reproduced unabridged from the February/ March 2003 issue of Health and Herbal News, with the kind permission of Health and Herbs International Ltd.

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