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Breast Cancer Risk Not Increased Among Antihistamine Users

Breast Cancer Risk Not Increased Among Antihistamine Users

Tuesday, September 2nd 2003

Despite animal studies that have linked antihistamine use with breast cancer, women who use the medications do not have an increased risk of the disease, according to a report in the September 10th issue of the International Journal of Cancer.

"Antihistamines are structurally similar to...a tamoxifen derivative known to promote tumor growth, and to antidepressants," Dr. Victoria Nadalin, of Cancer Care Ontario, Toronto, Canada, and colleagues note. "Animal experiments have linked certain antihistamines and antidepressants with enhanced tumor growth in mice."

In a population-based, case-control study, the researchers examined the association between antihistamine use and the risk of breast cancer. They used the Ontario Cancer Registry to identify 3133 female cases diagnosed between 1996 and 1998. Also included were 3062 age-matched controls. All participants completed a questionnaire on the type and duration of antihistamines used regularly.

The lifetime prevalence of antihistamine use was 15.9% and 17.3% for cases and controls, respectively. Those who used antihistamines did not have an increased risk for breast cancer (odds ratio = 0.93). There was no trend in risk for age at first use or duration of use. Menopausal status had no effect on risk.

"In light of these results, it is unlikely that antihistamine use increases the risk for breast cancer," the authors write.

Sourced from Int J Cancer 2003;106:566-568

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