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Privacy and Security are important issues

At healthyonline we respect your privacy and will always hold all your personal details in the strictest confidence. We will never rent, sell or give your name, email address or any other personal details to any other organisation.

You can be rest assured that all our transactions are carried out in a secure environment. We use the latest encryption methods to protect your privacy.

This site employs 128 bit encryption via Safe Sockets to safeguard the privacy of any information you supply. Your personal details, including Name, Address and Credit Card information cannot be viewed by unauthorised persons.



At (the people behind healthyonline), we respect your privacy and will hold all customer information (including phone numbers and email addresses) in the strictest confidence.

We will not disclose personal information about you, or your browsing habits to any third party.

We care about the people who visit our Internet site - including those who trust in us enough to place orders or offer personal information, so we can serve you better. We appreciate your business!

Any information you give to us is only used to process your order, reply to your questions, improve our site or to provide you with information that you have requested.

We do send out emails to customers, offering them more great deals and natural health information.

If you don't want to receive these emails, please send an email and state "Do not email" in the subject field. To ensure your request is handled correctly please provide your name, address and current email address, in the body of your email.


Credit Card Security

The easiest form of payment over the Internet is by credit card. For your security and privacy, healthyonline has invested heavily in providing a secure order system that encrypts your credit card details.

Since 1993, we have processed many thousands of orders efficiently, promptly and conveniently for you, our customers. Your privacy has always been important to us. Now that we are "on line" we are pleased to offer you a convenient, secure and private place to visit, look around and order your health supplements.

For your security and privacy our Secure Server encrypts all transactions, using the same schemes employed by major financial institutions. This means that even if somebody managed to intercept an order on its way from you to us, it would be impossible for them to recognise it as such, because the order would be in a secret code.


There are ways to help protect yourself online ...

Firstly limit your online shopping to Internet merchants, such as healthyonline, who have equipped their sites with Secure Socket Layer technology. This is an encryption process that is designed to prevent unauthorised people from seeing data sent to or from the site. Use a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, that supports these security protocols. These browsers show a symbol in the status bar, such as a key or lock, when you are in a secure area, and post a warning when you are asked to submit information into an insecure area.

Taking these steps will lessen the likelihood of an unauthorised person intercepting your credit card number and will make your Internet shopping experience safe and satisfying.

If in any doubt, you can order by fax on +649 4432 068 or
Phone 0800 432 584 (free call within New Zealand)
International Callers can phone on +64 9 4432 584

Our physical business is open 9:00am to 4pm Monday to Friday. 

Our phone system will allow you to leave a secure message at any time.


Updated January 2017


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