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Here are some core supplements that may be helpful with your treatment and for good health.

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Probiotics are vital for your good health

70% of your immune system is situated in your intestinal wall.  We have probiotics for all kinds of ailments, but our best everyday probiotic, for both men and women, is the Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus.

Multivitamins for better energy as well as an antioxidant boost

With such a huge assortment of multi-vitamins around, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. 

Our Rolls Royce multivitamin is the Country Life Multi-100, with a huge 100mg of each of the main B Vitamins in every tablet, using time release technology so the nutrients are released more slowly throughout the day, rather than all at once like most other multis.

If you are looking for a multi that can also help with better stress management, then consider the Ethical Nutrients Super Multi Plus, which contains a huge 2000mg of Siberian ginseng and 2000mg of Milk Thistle for some extra liver support.

Evaluating your current iron status is important, especially if you are a menstruating women or are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Our Superior Iron utilises iron bisglycinate a form of iron considered 4 times more absorbable than the ferrous forms of iron.  With added Vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin c for an even better absorption, Superior iron is ideal for those who need some more iron in their diet.

Mineral Supplements help your muscles relax

Mineral supplements that are based on Calcium and magnesium are best absorbed in the evening and taking them at this time of the day, can help you to shut your brain down better, to fall asleep more easily. 

If you are jumpy and nervy, then a mineral supplement that is higher in calcium (to magnesium) should suffice. Radiance Mineral Power is a great choice, with its calcium and magnesium being sourced from a red algae.

Our Superior Magnesium is ideal for those who have a problem switching their brain off at night time to sleep more soundly.  It is also specific for any muscular related problem, such as muscle cramp, twitches and restless leg syndrome. 

Essential Fatty Acids are just that - Essential.

Our body cannot manufacture them, so they must be supplied in adequate amounts, from your diet or supplements.

Ethical Nutrients Hi Strength Fish Oil liquid makes it easy to take a therapeutic amount of the essential Omega 3 fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA. This concentrated fish oil has been endorsed by the Australian arthritis foundation.

UDO's oil provides these essential fatty acids in a vegan form, by combining different types of nut and seed oils, to make this well combined oil, rich in essential fatty acids.

Natural Anti-inflammatory's

Natures has provided many plants with naturally occurring anti inflammatory agents.  These include the natural ingredients from turmeric root, white willow bark, yucca stalk, wild yam root, devils claw root and MSM, to name a few.

Our best anti inflammatories include:

Cararthron is a patented herbal product, which contains 2 herbs that have been shown in clinical trials to also help with inflammatory joint problems.

The Curcumin from Turmeric root, such as in Meriva, the patented curcumin extract. This is found in Doctor's Best Curcumin and Radiance Turmeric.  We also have Ethical Nutrients Pain Relief, that also contains a patented curcumin extract, as well as containing Bowsellia, a tree resin which also provides an anti inflammatory effect.

MSM has so many benefits in the body, but particularly with relation to connective tissue disorders. We have MSM Powder, which can be added to smoothies, as well as mixed with water, as well as MSM capsules.

Connective Tissue Repair

Collagen makes up over 30% of the body's protein content and is involved with connective tissue repair, such as with ligaments, tendons and cartilage. 

Super Collagen +c provides 1000mg of collagen per tablet and is made by Neocell, an American company that specialise in collagen supplementation.

This also comes in Super Collagen powder

Collagen Fruit Balls are made in New Zealand and come in a pack of 2 collagen balls.  Each pack of 2 provide a huge 10,000mg of collagen!  These gluten and dairy free fruit balls make it easier to get up to the daily required amount of up to 10,000mg of collagen a day. They come in Apricot or Berry.

Hyaluronic Acid provides moisture to cartilage and is often found in combination with glucosamine and chondroitin. 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been used for a long time for the repair of cartilage, ligament and tendon damage in the body.  These are often combined with natural anti inflammatories, for a multi-functional joint supplement.

More Help and Products Available

We have an even larger range of supplements in store and online that can help with connective tissue disorders. If you require further help with your selections, phone 09 4432 584, email or call in to our retail shop in View Road and speak to one of our health team.

You can visit our Help Me to Choose Page and let us help you find what you need online.


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