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14th March 2013 is World Kidney Day and...

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Kidney Health New Zealand’s theme for World Kidney Day 2013 on Thursday 14 March 13, during Kidney Health Week, is “Is there a history of kidney disease in your family?” to highlight that people with a family history of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are at increased of developing kidney disease themselves.

Inherited diseases with a known genetic abnormality such as polycystic kidney disease are well recognised and families are usually aware of their family history and their risk of having kidney disease. It is not so well known that people with kidney failure caused by diabetes, high blood pressure or glomerulonephritis are likely to have other family members with CKD. A person with a family history of CKD is three - to nine times more likely to develop kidney failure than a person without such a family history. This appears to be particularly true for Māori and Pacific families.

Around 600 New Zealanders start dialysis for treatment of kidney failure each year. Kidney failure has profound effects on the lives of patients and their families and its treatment is expensive costing the health system over $100 million annually. CKD is silent with 80-90% of people unaware they have it. Early detection is simple and offers the chance of prevention or slowing the progress of CKD.

During Kidney Health Week KHNZ, kidney units and patient support groups will be encouraging family members of people with kidney disease to consider asking their doctor to check out their kidneys. We will be giving family members this card to take with them when they visit their GP.

(Above information provided by Kidney Health New Zealand)

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