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Deer Velvet

New Zealand Deer velvet is some of the best in the world. Extensive tests have shown that the nutrient content of New Zealand deer velvet is excellent, especially its lipid or fat content.

To study New Zealand velvet in comparison with the Russian and Chinese (traditionally regarded as the world's best) - both young and mature red deer, wapiti and fallow deer antlers were analysed. After being dried and weighed each antler was divided into four sections and the ash, mineral and lipid (or fat) content was measured. While the mineral content of the antlers were similar, the lipid content of New Zealand red and fallow velvet was found to be higher than the Russian maral and Chinese malu. It is in the lipid, or fat, that the valuable active ingredients of velvet are found, and higher lipid content signifies a correspondingly higher potency.

This is why, we choose New Zealand Deer Velvet, not deer velvet from overseas countries. 

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