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Arnica Plus Spray

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Arnica Plus Spray - 25 ml

Size: 25 ml

WAS $23.00 - NOW $16.95 - Best before 01/2019 - Only 1 at this price

The Homoeopathic remedy Arnica assists with shock, injury and bruising helping the body's normal defence mechanisms in times of trauma & after surgery. Mixed potency provides greater power & strength. 25ml


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L-Carnosine Antioxidant

Size: 50 VCaps

WAS $59.95 - NOW $32.00 - Best before 30/11/2018 - Only 1 at this price

Now Foods Carnosine (L-Carnosine) is a naturally occurring dipeptide found in muscle and brain tissue. It works to help support healthy aging, cellular rejuvenation and is particularly helpful where there is muscle injury or strenuous exercise. Supports muscle vitality. Cell membrane protection. 500mg. Vegetarian/vegan...

Chaste Tree Fruit Concentrate

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Chaste Tree Concentrate

Size: 90 Tablets

RRP $34.90, price $15.00. Best Before 30 April 2019.

Nature's Sunshine Chaste Tree Fruit Concentrate. Chaste, also known as Vitex, has been traditionally used for the temporary relief of premenstrual tension and its associated conditions, such as fluid retention, menstrual cramping and tender breasts. Also beneficial for hormonal acne. Chaste works over many months, to gradually...

Flax Bloom Oil

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With 48% Omega-3

Size: 500 ml

WAS $39.95 - NOW $32.95 - Best before 03/12/2018 - Only 1 left

Waihi Bush Flax Bloom is a unique blend of cold pressed extra virgin seed oils from flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum - Linseed), blackcurrant, pumpkin, golden flax, evening primrose and coconut oil. It contains 47% Omega-3. This delicious blend includes the 5 important polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids and lauric...

Garlicin - Cardiovascular Health

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Smart Release Garlic

Size: 90 Tablets

WAS $43.95 - NOW $25.00 - Best before 30/11/2018 - Only 1 at this price

High potency odour free garlic tablets. Enteric coated, so they release in the intestine, helping to prevent the bounce back of garlic taste or smell. Made from a superior garlic powder, specially processed to deliver maximum allinase activity. Garlicins proprietary enteric coated provides 100% protection from stomach acid....

Kaloba Eps 7630

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EPs 7630

Size: 50 ml

WAS $34.95 - NOW $25 - Best before 02/2019 - Only 1 at this price

Kaloba EPs 7630 Helps fight winter ailments, ills and chills.  Stop the cold before it takes hold.  Kaloba is the number 1 cold medication in Germany.  Kaloba treats the cause of the infection and shortens the duration of the illness.  Kaloba shields the linings of the airway with a protective film from...

Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Qty/Price: More Info
Stimulate Type 1 Collagen Production

Size: 30 ml

WAS $61.95 - SPECIAL OFFER $49.95 - only 1 left

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream. A luscious yet light eye cream for cooling & soothing the delicate skin around the eyes. Ultra-rich Vitamin C from the seed of the NZ kiwi fruit to help moisturise and soften fine lines. Fragrance free and suited to moist skin conditions. Elements of Beauty include Kiwi seed oil, Vinanza...

Liposomal Curcumin

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Liposomal Curcumin - A Powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals

Size: 180 ml

WAS $69.95 - NOW $49.95 - Best before 31/12/2018 - Only 1 at this price

Spark of Life Liposomal Curcumin, with 250mg of actual curcuminoids per 6ml dosage. Spark of life have used this powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals. Curcumin is also a powerful anti inflammatories. It is common that most curcumin products provide no more than 100mg of curcumonoids per dosage, where each 6ml of...

Manuka Honey Lip Balm

Qty/Price: More Info
To Deeply Nourish

Size: 10 ml

WAS $18.95 - NOW $9.95 - Only 1 left

Living Nature Manuka Honey Lip Balm. To Deeply Nourish. A light non-greasy balm that soothes rough & chapped lips. Contains no paraffin wax. Keeps lips kissable & toxin free - no toxins ingested. This lip balm will protect & smooth lips, with caster oil, jojoba oil and carnauba wax. 10ml

New Formulation.  It ...

Natrum Muriaticum 30c Tablet

Qty/Price: More Info

Size: 130 Tablets

RRP $15.95, special pricing $11.20 - Old packaging.

The homoeopathic remedy Nat Mur is manufactured from salt. It is indicated as a remedy for a number of conditions resulting from emotional problems & ailments characterised by a discharge. Often used for women or timid, oversensitive children. 130 tabs

Olive Leaf Oral Spray

Qty/Price: More Info
Olive Leaf Extract in a spray

Size: 20 ml

WAS $19.95 - NOW $12.95 - Best before 01/2019 - Only 2 at this price

Comvita Olive leaf complex oral spray.  Protection. Helps maintain oral health and hygiene.  Made with fresh olive leaves. Freshens the breath. A spray containing olive leaf and sage extract, peppermint oil & menthol.  Suitable for use in those 2 years and over. For children under 5 years of age, this should...

Prenatal DHA

Qty/Price: More Info
Superior Triglyceride Form

Size: 90 Softgels

WAS $69.95 - NOW $50.00 - Best before 01/2019 - Only 1 at this price

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA Superior Triglyceride Form.  Supports DHA Maintenance During Pregnancy and Lactation.  Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA is a high concentrate DHA supplement for mood support, proper memory and neurological function, and proper infant development. Encapsulated in small, easy-to-swallow soft...

Primadophilus Optima

Qty/Price: More Info
14 Probiotic Strains

Size: 30 Vegicaps

WAS $75.90 - NOW $63.95 - Best before 31/12/2018 - Only 1 left

Primadophilus Optima 14 Probiotic strains Plus NutraFlora scFOS Synergistic action. True identity Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium Super Blend. Time release Targeted delivery Enteric coated 35 Billion CFU. For all ages. Replenish microflora with Primadophilus optima, the most potent and diverse delivery of probiotics for...

Pure White Mulberry Extract

Qty/Price: More Info
White Mulberry Extract Capsules

Size: 60 Vegie Caps

WAS $26.95 - NOW $14.95 - Best Before December 2018 - Only 1 at this price.

Spark Of Life Pure White Mulberry Extract. Morus alba. As seen on Dr Oz and promoted for helping those who need to lose unwanted kilos. As well as this, white mulberry extract contains effective sugar blocking properties, to help in those with diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol problems. The active compound known as DNJ...

Raw Chia Seeds

Qty/Price: More Info
Raw Chia Seeds

Size: 200 gm

RRP $12.90, price $9.95.

Radiance Superfoods Raw Chia Seeds. Dietary fibre, Omega-3, Magnesium.  With 6 grams of fibre per serve. Chia seeds are one of the most powerful and nutritious superfoods in the world.  They are a good source of the Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid or ALA.  The body cant make this fatty acid so it is...

Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator

Qty/Price: More Info
100% Natural Facial Exfoliant

Size: 75 ml

WAS $47.50 - SPECIAL OFFER $35.60 - Only 2 left

Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator with 100% pure avocado oil, marigold flower, tonka bean and sandalwood. Offer your skin a new life with this beautifully effective, extremely gentle facial exfoliator. Avocado oil & jojoba beads marry to lift away lifeless skin, leaving a fresh complexion that feels...

Thyme Lemon Tonic

Qty/Price: More Info
Lemon Thyme Syrup

Size: 250 ml

WAS $49.95 - NOW $32.95 - Best Before 31/12/2018 - Only 1 left

Artemis Thyme Lemon Tonic Clear chest and airways, support relaxed breathing and soothe the throat. Delicious Hot or Cold. A therapeutic strength Swiss tonic for immune support, loved for generations by adults and children. Exceptionally beneficial for children. The key ingredient in the syrup to support healthy lung function...

Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

Qty/Price: More Info
Smooth Fine Lines

Size: 20 ml

WAS $49.95 - SPECIAL OFFER $25 - Only 4 left

Trilogy Eye contour cream with Rosepene, aloe vera and acai. Smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness. This certified natural silky gel-cream nourishes and restores tired eyes. Fragrance free for sensitive skin. fast absorbing this powerful gel-cream includes the unique ingredient Rosepene, cooling aloe vera and rejuvenating...

Viralex Chews 120 tablets

Qty/Price: More Info
Support Childrens Immunity

Size: 120 Tablets

WAS $44.95 - SPECIAL OFFER $29.95 - only 1 left. Best Before 01/2019.

Goodhealth Viralex Childrens Chews Childrens Immune Defence. Viralex chews are a great tasting chewable tablet designed to support children's immunity. It provides herbal extracts and nutrients in a delicious chewable flavoured tablet, without the use of artificial sweeteners or colours. Viralex chews contain astragalus, a...

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