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100% Ascorbic Acid Powder

Qty/Price: More Info
Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder

Size: 125 gm

RRP $29.95, price $14.95. Short Dated July 2018.

Melrose 100% Pure Ascorbic acid powder. Vitamin C. easy to use. Prevention/treatment of Vitamin C deficiency. Relief of symptoms of mild upper respiratory infections. Melrose Vitamin c is an easy to use water soluble powder, free from any additives including flavours. Pure ascorbic acid is regarded as an ideal form of oral...

Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream

Qty/Price: More Info
Refines for a smoother complexion

Size: 150 ml

Usually $49.95 Now $35.00 Short Dated April 2018. 1 (One) only at this price.

Trilogy Ageproof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream. Cleanse and renew skin for an ageless complexion you can take pride in. Enjoy the silky, mousse-like texture of this cleanser whilst your skin enjoys the results: a smoother, more refined and instantly brighter complexion. Active fruit enzymes from Papaya and Pineapple gently...

Advanced Bowel Support

Qty/Price: More Info
Soothing Support for Gastrointestinal Discomfort

Size: 90 Capsules

Usually $49.95 Now $24.95 Short Dated May 2018. 3 (Three) only at this price.

Lifestream Advanced Bowel Support (formally aloeMint) Enteric coated capsules. Combining their famous biogenic aloe vera dried inner leaf juice with peppermint oil, in an enteric coated capsule. For the symptomatic relief of gastrointestinal discomfort, spasms, bloating, abdominal pain and cramping. For irritable bowel...

Anti Itch Ointment

Qty/Price: More Info
Helps Soothe the Skin

Size: 30 gm

Usually $22.95. Now $17.95. Short Dated August 2018. 1 (One) only at this price.

MEBO Anti Itch Natural Ointment Helps Soothe The Skin. Scientifically developed Made from botanical extracts GE Free. Mebo Anti itch is a natural ointment especially formulated to soothe the skin and reduce the urge to scratch. Mebo anti itch also helps the natural repair of cracked, chafed or dry scaly skin. For use on all...

Aura Manuka Honey Treatment Mask

Qty/Price: More Info
Aura Manuka Honey Treatment Mask - 75 ml

Size: 75 ml

Usually $49.95, Now $37. Short Dated July 2018. 1 (One) only at this price.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Treatment Mask with 100% pure avocado oil, pohutukawa & vanilla pod. Cleanse your skin deeply with this luscious face mask that leaves skin soothed & intensely hydrated. Discover the properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey. 75ml

Big Heat Wheaty Treat

Qty/Price: More Info
Big Heat Wheaty Treat - 1 Pack

Size: 1 Pack

Only 1 (One) Available

Stressbusters The Big Heat Wheaty Treat. A New Zealand made wheat bag. With 12 unique panels, the wheat stays put but you don’t have to. Can be used hot, by heating in the microwave or cold, by putting in the deep freeze. No water required when heating. Store in the resealable bag in the deep freeze and then either use...

Bilberry Fruit Concentrate

Qty/Price: More Info
25% Anthocyanidins

Size: 60 Tablets

RRP $48.70, $29.95. Short Dated May 2018. 1 (One) only at this price.

Bilberry Fruit Concentrate, with an extract equivalent to 4,000mg, at a 100:1 ratio of vaccinium myrtillus. Standardised extract. Helps maintain healthy eye function. Supports visual adaptation to light & night vision, improves vascular microcirculation. Promotes healthy connective tissues & provides antioxidant...

Billie Baby Body Wash

Qty/Price: More Info
Billy Baby Wash - Natures Skin Drink

Size: 240 ml

Only 4 (Four) Available

Billie Baby Body Wash. Goats milk - natures skin drink. The skin of a new born baby is precious, and needs to be well looked after. Billie Goat Soap is famous for making soap for people with sensitive skin, and our Billie Baby range is an extension of this promise. This body wash does not have any colours or fragrance added,...

Billie Goat Body Bar Soap Lavender

Qty/Price: More Info
Lavender Goat Milk Soap

Size: 100 gm

Only 2 (Two) Available

Billie Goat Lavender Soap. This soap was made with the help of Hilary the goat. It contains saponified olive oil (olea europaea), fresh goats milk, saponified sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis), saponified palm oil (elaeis guinnesis), saponified caster oil (rincinus communis) and saponified grapeseed oil (vitis...

Billie Goat Body Bar Soap Plain

Qty/Price: More Info
Billy Goat Soap

Size: 100 Grams

Billie Goat Plain Soap. This soap was made with the help of Hilary the goat. It contains saponified olive oil (olea europaea), fresh goats milk, saponified sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis), saponified palm oil (elaeis guinnesis), saponified caster oil (rincinus communis) and saponified grapeseed oil (vitis...

Billie Goat Moisturiser

Qty/Price: More Info
Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin

Size: 500 ml

Only 5 (Five) Available

Billie Goat Soap Moisturiser, for sensitive Skin.  Feel the difference when you use a quality Billie Goat Soap moisturiser made from Australian goats milk.  Goats milk is high in Vitamin A, B6 and B12.  It also contains niacin, potassium and is very high in the antioxidant selenium.  Goats milk is the ideal...

Botanical Hand Wash 500ml

Qty/Price: More Info
Botanical Hand Wash

Size: 500 ml

Only 2 (Two) Available

Natural Instinct Botanical Hand Wash Skin Conditioning Complex.   Rich in skin softening extracts, leaving your hands clean and nourished after removing excess oil and dirt. Using certified organic natural soap-free extracts to cleanse & remove excess oil and dirt this botanical hand wash is enriched with...

Certified Organic Spirulina Powder

Qty/Price: More Info
Natures Richest Food

Size: 200 gm

Usually $46.95 Now $23.50. Expiry July 2018. 1 (One) only at this price.

Lifestream Certified Organic Spirulina powder. Natures richest food. High levels of carotenoids, phytonutrients, xanthophylls & phycocyanin for immune support. Spirulina, a microscopic fresh water plant, could well be the perfect food and the most natural way to significantly improve your energy levels, nutritional balance...

Conditioner 1 litre

Qty/Price: More Info
Gloss Restoring Conditioner

Size: 1 Litre

Only 1 (One) Available

Natural Instinct Gloss Restoring Conditioner. Antioxidant hair vitalising complex. Finally a skin care range that care about what ingredients they put in their products AND they are affordable so that the entire family can use them.  Natural Instinct products are never tested on animals and contain no animal products at...

Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream

Qty/Price: More Info
Kowhai Flower Hand Cream image

Size: 75 ml

Usually $33.95 Now $25. Short Dated September 2018. 1 (One) only at this price.

Antipodes Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream. A silky, healing hand cream that tends to your hands with a perfect level of moisture. Designed to soothe and smooth, this cream contains avocado oil that's super-rich in Vitamin E to soften and nurture your skin. A stunning mix of sweet orange and cedarwood fragrances provides...

Dieters Cleanse

Qty/Price: More Info
Herbal Cleanse Pack

Size: 1 Pack

RRP $59.10, price $29.95. Short Dated May 2018.

Natures Sunshine Dieters Cleanse. Natural weight loss program. Two 7-day cleanse programs in this pack. If you want to go on a fat loss program (diet) then consider using this 1st. This very easy to use pack contains 3 bags of supplements - Your AM dosage, your Noon dosage and your PM dosage, each in an individual serve...

Essential Berries Supreme Antioxidant

Qty/Price: More Info
Supreme Antioxidant

Size: 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Usually $59.50 Now $44.50 Short Dated May 2018. 2 (Two) only at this price.

Lifestream Essential Berries Acai Supreme Antioxidant Powder is a unique blend of 7 organic nutrient-dense berries, including the South American super berry Acai.  It is bursting with vitamins and minerals and is naturally rich in antioxidants to help protect us from DNA damage, oxidative stress, free radicals and...


Qty/Price: More Info

Size: 100 Capsules

RRP $40.50, price $22.95 October 2018 Expiry

Natures Sunshine EW. Eyebright combination. EW is considered an astringent formula for inflamed mucous membranes, especially the eyes.  EW is frequently used as an eyewash and consists of herbs which stimulate circulation to the eyes, to promote healing, shrink inflamed tissues, absorb toxins, alleviate pain and fight...

Extra C Tablets

Qty/Price: More Info
Highly Absorbable Vitamin C

Size: 60 Tablets

Usually $35.95 Now $17.95 Short Dated May 2018. 2 (Two) only at this price.

Ethical Nutrients Extra C Tablets. Highly absorbable Vitamin C. A non-acidic formulation that is gentle on the stomach and scientifically designed for enhanced absorption. Vitamin C Supplement with Hesperidin and Cysteine Hydrochloride. Assists in the management of colds and 'flu by reducing the severity and duration of...

Eyeliner 05 - Black

Qty/Price: More Info
Eyeliner 05 - Black - 1 Pencil

Size: 1 Pencil

Only 1 (One) Available

Dr. Hauschka's Eyeliner 05 is black in colour . The natural beauty and shape of eyes are accentuated and highlighted with eyeliner.

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