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Men's Formulas

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Endura Overtraining Formula

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Endura Overtraining Formula - 60 VegeCaps

Size: 60 VegeCaps

Endura™ Overtraining Formula. Mental and Physical Support for Overtraining Athletes. Supports endurance. For physical performance during endurance exercise. Endura Over training Formula is made up of five different ginsengs - Siberian, Indian, Korean, Tienchi and American ginseng. It has been specifically formulated to...


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Male performance formula

Size: 30 Tablets

ErectOmax male Performance Formula. May enhance Male libido Sexual performance Muscle mass and Strength Energy and Stamina. Clinically trialled testofen. This powerful formula is specifically developed to improve libido and to enhance sexual performance. Erectomax is a specially developed formula containing high potency...


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HE2 - 45 Tablets

Size: 45 Tablets

Martin & Pleasance HE2. Feel like your old, young self. HE2 is a potent men's midlife herbal formulation that combines five powerful herbs, with two nutrients to offer a complete formula which helps to do more than just address a few symptoms. HE2 is the first formula on the market to help address a combination of issues...

Herbal Y Extreme for Men

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Mens Sexual Health Formula

Size: 30 Capsules

Nutralife Herbal Y Extreme Mens Sexual Health Formula.  Aphrodisiac for enhanced libido, stamina, virility and energy levels. A potent formulation of herbs and the mineral zinc, specifically designed to help enhance a mans sex drive & vitality, improve stamina & increase energy levels just when he needs it most....

Horny Goatweed Liquid Extract

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100% Pure Horny Goat Weed Liquid

Size: 30 ml

Amazing Herbs Horny Goat Weed Express Extract.  It botanical name is Epimedium grandiflorum, a powerful Chinese tonic herb whose first recorded use dates back to the ancient text, Shen Non Ben Cao Jing (ca. 200 B.C.-100 A.D.) were it was described as a warming herb that benefited jing (semen or life essence). It has been...

Libido X 500

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For both men and women

Size: 60 Capsules

Herbal Pacific Libido X 500. Premium High potency libido formula for both men and women. Finally a libido enhancing product that both you and your partner can take together.  Utilising the benefits of horny goat week and rhodiola, as well as beet root extract, for its naturally occuring betanin, shown to increase nitric...

Male Mojo Aphrodisiac and Mood Formula

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Male Mojo Aphrodisiac and Mood Formula - 30 Tablets

Size: 30 Tablets


Totally Natural Male Mojo Aphrodisiac and Mood Formula. Mens Health. Male Mojo has been formulated to awaken your sexual mojo. Male Mojo may help maintain healthy testosterone levels in the male body. Male Mojo contains Testofen, for healthy ...

Multi For Men

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Energy & Stress Support for Him

Size: 30 Tablets

Radiance Multi For Men. Vitamins + Minerals + Antioxidants + Green Foods + Herbs + Enzymes. So many of us have such a busy lifestyle, it is easy to skip meals, contributing to a lack of energy and greater stress levels. A 1 a day multi like Radiance Mens Multi can help to top up a deficient diet, with nutrients such as a...

Multi Power 30 tablets

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Energy, Vitality & Wellness

Size: 30 Tablets

Radiance MultiPower High Potency Multi Vitamin. 35 Vitamins + Minerals + Antioxidants + Greenfoods + Enzymes. Energy, Vitality & Wellness. In today's world of processed foods and fast-paced lifestyles, many of us do not get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients . Radiance Multipower is...

Natural Cream Man Deodorant- Cypress & Lemon

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Natural Cream Deodorant for men

Size: 20 ml

Its All Good Natural and Organic Skin Care. Natural Cream Deodorant for Men - Cypress & Lemon.  These are some of the most effective natural deodorants we have tried.  If you can get your head around applying a cream under your armpit rather than a chemical filled roll-on,  then consider trying this...

New Zealand Deer Velvet

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NZ Deer Velvet supplement image

Size: 100 Capsules

NZ Pure Health New Zealand Deer Velvet, from Deep Blue Health New Zealand. Rich in IGF-1 & IGF-2, this quality deer velvet is produced from the finest South Island velvet in NZ. It has been expertly hand-selected to ensure it contains a variety of complex elements including amino acid (almost half of its substance),...

Prosgenia A & B for Prostate Health

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Herbal Help For Prostate Health

Size: A + B 60 Vege Caps each

Prosgenia A & B. The ultimate natural herbal program for prostate health. Prosgenia A & B combine the most effective herbs including Saw Palmetto, Epilobium, Lycopene, DIM & Resveratrol, as well as nutrients such as selenium and zinc, to assist in the relief of prostate symptoms such as; prostatitis, cancer of the...

Stinging Nettle Root Extract

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Supports Prostate Health

Size: 90 vcaps

Now Foods Stinging Nettle Root Extract - Urtica dioica. Supports Prostate Health.nettle root has been found to inhibit the action of aromatase enzyme on testosterone.  Root extracts like this one have been found to block the conversion of testosterone to estradiol and influence the effect of sex hormone binding globulin...

Stop Snoring

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Natural & Non Toxic

Size: 50 ml

Botanica Stop Snoring Spray.  Natural and Non-toxic advanced technology. Non-aerosol spray with a unique blend of non-toxic oils and herbs. A unique blend of non-toxic oils and herbs that moisturise and lubricate the throat, uvula and soft palate, helping normal mucus flow to alleviate the noise associated with...

Tongkat Ali Liquid Extract

Qty/Price: More Info
Tongkat Ali Extract

Size: 30 ml

Amazing Herbs Tongkat Ali Express 50:1 Alcohol free liquid extract. Tongkat Ali, sometimes called by its botanical name of Eurycoma Longfolia has an ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac in Malaysia and Indonesia, where it is known as Pasak Bumi. Its name means "Ali's staff or walking stick" in reference to its effects...

Tribulus 20,000

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Tribulus 20,000 - 180 Capsules

Size: 180 Capsules

Balance Tribulus 20,000, for the active sports person. A high potency herbal formula, for stamina and endurance needed during intense physical activity or an active lifestyle. Each one capsule provides a herbal extract equivalent to dry Tribulus terrestris whole plant 20,000mg. May also assist maintaining normal sexual...


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Performance Supplement for Men

Size: 10 Pack

UltraV Performance Supplement for Men. Naturally Supports Normal Male Function, stamina and energy. Ultra V has been researched, formulated and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest licensed medicines production standards. Natural herbs and extracts of immaculate purity are combined with tribulus terrestis which has long...


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Supports Normal Function

Size: 2 Pack

UltraV Performance Supplement for Men. Naturally supports stamina, energy and normal male function. Ultra V has been researched, formulated and manufactured in NZ to the highest licensed medicines production standards. Natural herbs are combined with tribulus terrestis, used in the Unani & Ayurveda holistic medical...

Vital 4SP

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Vital 4SP  - 100 Capsules

Size: 100 Capsules

Vital 4SP has been formulated with men's sperm production & fertility in mind. It contains the vital minerals Zinc and Selenium, as well as Vitamin A & the amino acid L-Lysine. Free radical damage has been shown to be a major contributor to affecting sperm quality and health, often resulting in fertility issues in men....

VitalX Tongkat Ali for Men

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VitalX Tongkat Ali for Men - 90 Capsules

Size: 90 Capsules

VitalX Tongkat Ali for Men.  If you are looking for Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia, then look no more.  Each capsule contains an extract of tongkat ali root (not just the powdered root), which started with 100 kilograms of tongkat ali root, to provide this potent herbal extract of 100mg per capsule. Animal studies...

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