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Healthy Foods

This section contains a range of foods shown to have medicinally beneficial properties.

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Agar Agar Powder

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Vegan Alternative to Gelatin

Size: 75 grm

Lotus Agar Agar Powder. The basic seaweed raw material is gathered in many areas throughout the world. The Far East is one of the major sources, particularly in Japan, where agar plays an important role in the diet of the people. Commercial Agar is processes by hot water extractings of the cleaned and bleached seaweed, followed...

Bee Pollen Granules

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Bee Pollen Granules - 250 gm

Size: 250 gm

Sensational Bee Products Bee Pollen granules.  Bee Pollen is one of natures most perfect foods.  As an excellent concentrated source of essential nutritional elements, it can be useful in convalescence, when training for sports and for general well being.  This bee pollen is collected from hives in...

Brewers Yeast

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Vegan Source of B Vitamins

Size: 500grm

Was $26.95, Now $24.95

Lotus Brewers Yeast. An excellent alternative protein source to meat. Brewers Yeast can be taken with milk, fruit & vegetable juices, sprinkled over breakfast cereals or used in cooking for extra flavour. Brewers yeast is made from roller dried cells of the yeast species saccharomyces. A vegan rich source of Vitamin B...

Celtic & New Zealand Sea Salt with Deep Sea Kelp

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Enriched with NZ Kelp

Size: 300 gm

Harker Herbals 1022 Celtic & New Zealand Sea Salt with New Zealand deep water sea kelp. Unprocessed, sundried and hand harvested. Excellent on vegetable and fruit, after or during the last 5 minutes of cooking, for soups, stews and grilling. Due to the higher moisture content in Celtic sea salt, grind it with a mortar and...

Flax Fibre - LSA- Short Dated

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Flax Fibre - LSA- Short Dated - 500 gm

Size: 500 gm

Was $18.95, Now $17.95. Expiry January. Only Two Available

Waihi Bush Flax fibre - LSA - nutritious and tasty - a functional food. LSA is a blend of certified organic finely ground flax seed meal, sunflower seed and almonds. This is a gluten free source of fibre, and contains 34% high quality, well balanced protein, necessary for a healthy body. It contains a good source of lignans,...

Guar Gum

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Ideal for gluten free baking

Size: 100grm

Lotus Guar Gum.  Ideal as a stabilizer, thickener or an emulsifier.  Guar gum is used to replace gluten in baked goods using flours such as rice, maize, potato, tapioca etc.  These are flours used by people who are gluten intolerant ie have coeliacs disease. The general proportions for using guar gum very...

Herb Salt

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Organic Herb Salt

Size: 125gm

Ceres Natural Herb salt is a combination of organic aromatic herbs and sea salt dried at low temperatures to ensure quality. The salt is not refined, iodised or bleached, and does not contain anti-caking agents. It contains no flavour enhancers and no preservatives. With Organic herbs and veggies. Product of Germany. 125 grams...

Himalayan Crystal Salt

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Natural Source of Iodine

Size: 400 gm

Ultimate Life Fine Ground Himalayan Crystal Salt  100% pure unrefined salt.  250 million years ago a primordial ocean was evaporated by the sun, leaving behind a pristine crystalline salt.  This ancient salt is sustainably mined from at the foothills of the Himalayas.  Its a natural source of over 84...

LSA Meal

Qty/Price: More Info

Size: 450 gram

Lotus LSA Meal. LSA Meal consists of linseed, sunflower and almond meal. A sweet and nutty meal that can be sprinkled on fruit, vegetables, ice cream, desserts and cereals. Lotus LSA Meal can also be used in muffin, bread and cake mixes. The popularity of LSA started with the recommended by Dr Sandra Cabot, the Liver...

Macrobiotic Fine Sea Salt

Qty/Price: More Info
Hand Harvested

Size: 500grm

Lotus Macrobiotic Sea Salt. Fine grain. This unrefined, hand harvested salt is certified by the prestigious Nature & Progre's of Europe. This ensures that it meets the high standards expected of salt, suitable for macrobiotic diets. This salt is free of any processing. It is dried only by the hot summer sun and...

Natural Oatbran

Qty/Price: More Info
Organic Oatbran

Size: 650 gram

Ceres Organic Oat Bran.  Oat bran is the outer husk of the oat grain which contains the bulk of the dietary fibre of the grain, along with other beneficial nutrients.  A common use of oat bran is as an additive in baked goods like muffins, scones and breads where it adds a very distinctive texture and rich nutty...

Natural Sea Salt

Qty/Price: More Info
From Evaporated NZ Sea Water

Size: 500 grm

Ceres Naturals Sea Salt. Pure Evaporated Sea Water. Salt is essential to human life, but this salt is particularly special! Ceres Naturals Sea Salt is harvested from the unpolluted waters surrounding the northern South Island of New Zealand. As in ancient times, it is extracted from the sea by evaporation - harnessing the...

Nectar Ease Plus with Glucosamine Sulphate

Qty/Price: More Info
Honey with Bee Venom & Glucosamine

Size: 500 gm

RRP $43.00, price $39.95

Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Plus. Special manuka honey with added bee venom and glucosamine sulphate. Healthy, mobile joints are important to keep fit and active. Nectar Ease Plus contains the activity of three natural ingredients - Active manuka honey, glucosamine sulphate and venom from Nelson Honeys bee hives, to produce a...

New Certified Organic Super Berries

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New Certified Organic Super Berries - 100 gm

Size: 100 gm

RRP $39.90, price $37.90.

Lifestream Super Berries Powder is a unique blend of 7 organic nutrient-dense berries, including the South American super berry Acai.  It is bursting with vitamins and minerals and is naturally rich in antioxidants to help protect us from DNA damage, oxidative stress, free radicals and cellular breakdown.  ...

Organic Beetroot Powder

Qty/Price: More Info
Raw Organic Beetroot Powder - Natures Superfood

Size: 100 gm

RRP $12.90, price $9.95.

Radiance Superfoods Organic Beetroot Powder. 2.5x fresh raw beetroot in every serve. The naturally sweet ruby red superfood in a powder. Add to smoothies to boost the potassium content, with over 350mg of potassium in a 10 gram serve. Potassium is an essential mineral which has many and varied benefits for the body including...

Organic Chia Seeds

Qty/Price: More Info
Organic Chia

Size: 250 gram

Matakana Superfoods Organic Chia Seeds. Grown in its natural environment in the fertile plains of Central and South America. Aztec Superfood! Chia seed is considered one of the greatest super foods, with just 1 mouthful said to sustain Aztec warriors in battle for 24 hours! Containing many nutrients, this humble seed has a...

Organic Raw Cacao Powder

Qty/Price: More Info
Raw Organic Cacao Powder - Chocolate heaven

Size: 125 gm

RRP $12.90, price $9.95.

Radiance Superfoods Raw Organic Cacao Powder. Antioxidants and Magnesium. Good source of natural iron. Discover the health benefits of raw chocolate. it has never been easier and tastier to get nutrients, such as those that occur naturally in organic raw cacao powder. Raw means, its still got the good stuff in it, before its...

Peaches & Greens 200gm

Qty/Price: More Info
Peaches & Greens 200gm - 200gm

Size: 200gm

Matakana Superfoods NEW Peaches & Greens are a blend of whole freeze dried peach powder, organic whole banana powder, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, organic kale and organic wakame. These greens are among the most nutritionally dense green foods on the planet - and they taste great with this peachy twist! Together...

Psyllium Husks

Qty/Price: More Info
Psyllium Husks - 200 grams

Size: 200 grams

Psyllium Husks. 98% Husk. One of the most gentle, yet effective dietary fibres available and is gluten free. Psyllium is referred to as a bulk forming laxative. When mixed with liquid it produces mucilage, which is slippery and slimy, so the bowel contents can "slip" through more easily. Can be eaten with...

Super Greens Powder 200gm

Qty/Price: More Info
Green Up Your Diet With Natures Best Supergreens

Size: 200 grams

WAS $39.95 - NOW $35.95!!

Matakana Superfoods Supergreens Powder. Your once a day Supergreens, with 7 Top Supergreens. Everyone knows the reported benefits of broccoli sprouts and Kale. Now you can conveniently add these super foods, as well as organic spirulina, broken cell chlorella, wheat and barley leaf powders and Wakame, to your green creations....

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