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Has beneficial calming and settling properties to help promote natural sleep patterns.

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Chamomilla Plus Spray

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Chamomilla Plus Spray

Size: 25 ml

Naturo Pharm Chamomilla Plus Spray. The Homoeopathic remedy Chamomilla is manufactured from the herb Matricaria Chamomilla. Chamomilla supports the body's normal response to teething discomfort in infants and is beneficial for normal digestion. 25ml.

Ignatia 30c Liquid

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Ignatia 30C

Size: 20 ml

Naturopharm Ignatia 30C. The Homoeopathic remedy Ignatia can assist with emotional upsets such as grief, tension, worry and fright. Useful remedy for the mental and physical exhaustion experienced after lengthy grieving. 20ml

Insomed Relief

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Insomed Relief - 25 ml

Size: 25 ml

Naturopharm Insomed Relief Spray. Homeopathic remedy to assist in the treatment of insomnia especially due to anxiety, stress or an over active mind. Insomed Relief will not cause daytime drowsiness as it contains no sedatives. Especially good for those who wake in the night.  Has beneficial calming and settling properties...

Jet Lag Relief

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Jet Lag Relief - 25 ml

Size: 25 ml

Naturopharm Jet-Lag relief.  Homeopathic remedy which works by supporting the body's normal response to long distance air travel. Formulated for the symptomatic relief of jet lag and the physical and emotional problems of long distance travel.  Assists natural recovery from the effects of air travel and supports...

Nux Vomica Plus Spray

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Nux Vomica Plus Spray - 25 ml

Size: 25 ml

The homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica is manufactured from the herb Poison Nut. Nux Vomica supports the normal digestive process and the body's normal response to headache, stomach upsets and irritability. 25ml.

Stressmed Relief

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Stressmed Relief - 25 ml Spray

Size: 25 ml Spray

Naturopharm Stressmed Relief Spray. A homeopathic remedy specifically to assist with the treatment of stress induced disorders, such as nervous tension, headaches and sleeplessness. May also help alleviate worry, apprehension and fear. Stressmed relief - its happening right now, over work, over committed, too much happening at...

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