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Alka Vita Concentrate Drops

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Alkaline Drops for your water

Size: 29.5 ml

AlkaVita Liquid Silica Concentrate. pH balance for healthier living. Alka Vita is a modified liquid silica that is high in oxygen and is highly alkaline to help offset our acidic lifestyles. Alka Vita has a high pH of around 14.3 and is non corrosive making it an ideal product to assist the body to balance the acid-alkaline...

B-Stress Free 30 Tablets

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B Vitamins with Calming Herbs

Size: 30 Tablets

B-Stress Free, Adrenal stress support from Good Health is a special formulation of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals specifically selected for their ability to support the body's response to stress. With herbal extracts of passionflower, Lemon Balm (Melissa) and Licorice and B Vitamins. 30 tablets

Updated formula.

Biolane Seatone 60 Capsules

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green lipped mussel extract product image

Size: 60 Capsules

Nutralife Biolane Seatone. Advanced Joint Support. Scientifically researched Green lipped mussel extract. Max strength. Contains 100% pure Biolane Green lipped mussel extract (GLME), which provides a rich blend of natural proteins, minerals, mucopolysaccharides & omega 3 fatty acids - all well known to help maintain joint...

Colloidal Silver

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Highest Quality Optimised 10PPM True Silver Colloid

Size: 520 ml

Health Giving Natural Sense 100% Pure New Zealand Colloidal Silver. Triple filtered deionised water containing 10ppm of low concentration charged, finely divided pure elemental silver particles. The silver particles provide potent antimicrobial, immune activating & detoxifying properties & a mild oxygenation effect. Can...

Colloidal Silver Dropper

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Colloidal Silver 50ml Dropper

Size: 30 ml

Health Giving Natural Sense 100% Pure New Zealand Colloidal Silver in a bottle with a dropper. Highest quality optimised 10PPM True Silver Colloid. Made in New Zealand with kindness from all natural ingredients. Based on an ancient recipe Natural Sense Colloidal Silver is a natural healing agent due to its support for the...

Flax Boost Capsules

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Flax Boost Natural Source of Omega 3

Size: 150 Capsules

Flax Boost is a unique blend of cold pressed, unrefined, extra virgin seed oils from flax, blackcurrant and evening primrose oil. Flax boost contains 59% Omega 3 and 19% Omega-6. Blackcurrant and evening primrose seed oils add secondary Omega-3 and Omega-6 which boosts your body's ability to utilize essential fatty acids. ...

Hair & Nail Beauty

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Strong, Glossy, Healthy Hair & Nails

Size: 60 Vegicaps

Radiance Hair & Nail Beauty Silica, Gotu kola, New Zealand kelp and essential minerals. Strong, glossy, healthy hair and nails. Super herbal and mineral formula. Silica, known as the beauty mineral, is essential to the health of all connective tissues. Signs of silica deficiency may include thinning or loss of hair and...

Pure Sodium Ascorbate Powder

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100% Pure Sodium Ascorbate Powder

Size: 125 gm

Melrose 100% Pure Sodium Ascorbate Powder. This is an easy to use, water soluble powder, free from any additives, including flavours.  This form of Vitamin C minimises the gastrointestinal discomfort (acidic irritation) that sometimes occurs in people who use Pure Ascorbic acid.  It is non acidic and suitable for the...

Qsilica Colloidal Silica Capsules

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Support for Skin, Hair & Nails

Size: 50 Capsules

Planet Health Q Silica Original Colloidal Silica.  Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails and Connective tissue.  Mineral silica in a highly dispersed colloidal form. Different to most other silica supplements, Qsilica contains microscopic particles of colloidal mineral silica.  QSilica is a convenient form of mineral...

Qsilica Gel

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Qsilica Gel - 500 ml

Size: 500 ml

Planet Health Q Silica Original Colloidal Silica Gel.  Scientifically researched ingredients for Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails and Connective tissue.  Mineral silica in a highly dispersed colloidal gel form.  Different to most other silica supplements, QSilica Gel contains microscopic particles of colloidal mineral...

QSilica Value Pack

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QSilica Value Pack - 2x 500ml

Size: 2x 500ml

Qsilica is a colloidal solution of mineral silica in a highly dispersed active gel. Important for the production of collagen & elastin, it strengthens connective tissue for firmer & more elastic skin. For improving strength of hair, skin, nails, teeth & bones. A natural way to increase body silica levels. 2 x

Quercetin Complex

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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Complex

Size: 100 Vegecaps

Solgar Quercetin Complex with Vitamin C as Ester C Plus Bromelain. Allergy support formula. This product provides nutritional antioxidants and immune support. This unique formula may be effective in supporting normal health and wellness in individuals that regularly suffer from allergies, especially histamine related seasonal...

Resveratrol 250mg

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Resveratrol 250mg - 60 Capsules

Size: 60 Capsules

Go Healthy Resveratrol is a great antioxidant for people living a busy modern lifestyle. Resveratrol is a powerful, natural, plant derived antioxidant which is found mainly in red wine, grapes and polygonum cuspidatum, also known as Japanese Knotweed. Antioxidants support and protect the body from free radical damage...

Rutin 500mg

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Rutin 500mg - 50 Tablets

Size: 50 Tablets

Solgar Rutin 500mg A bioflavonoid involved with helping to keep veins more elastic. Commonly found in food like cherries, rosehips, citrus fruits, blackberries, apricots and buckwheat, although you would have to eat a lot of these foods to get the equivalent of 500mg of rutin, which is what is contained in each of these...


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Liquid Formula

Size: 30 ml

Cellfood SAM-e (S-Adenosyl-Methionine) with cellfood,  Boost mood + emotional well being.  Joint support and liver health.  Help the body make and regulate hormones, cell membranes and the neurotransmitters that affect mood.  This sublingual preparation is readily absorbed. Cellfood Sam-e brings a major...


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High Selenium Yeast Form

Size: 120 Tablets

Selenium 200mcg. A high potency 1 a day Selenium supplement, containing 200mcg per tablet. Contains selenium from high selenium yeast. For the maintenance of selenium tissue levels. Selenium is low in New Zealand soils, so must be provided in supplement form. Suitable for vegetarians and hypoallergenic. No gluten, dairy, egg,...


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Selenium - 120 Vegicaps

Size: 120 Vegicaps

Go Selenium 150mcg New Zealand Maximum Dose. Selenium is a trace mineral which acts as a powerful antioxidant. Levels of selenium are low in New Zealand soils, increasing the need for this vital trace element. The maximum allowable dose in New Zealand for selenium in a dietary supplement is 150mcg.   Selenium is vital...

Selenium Oral Drops

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Clinicians selenium drops

Size: 30 ml

Clinicians Selenium drops are a highly absorbable form of elemental selenium, in an easy to use and cost effective dose format. The essential trace mineral selenium functions primarily as a component on the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which works with Vitamin E in preventing free radical damage to cell...

Skin, Nails and Hair

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Skin, Nails and Hair - 60 Tablets

Size: 60 Tablets

Solgar Skin, Nails & Hair formula.  Designed to help build collagen & keratin, major building blocks of hair, skin & nails, that can decrease as we age. Delivering nutrients like MSM internally may help support strong hair, hard nails & moist, supple skin. Treatment & prevention. Contains essential...

Super Multi Plus 120

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Super Multi Plus 120 - 120 Tablets

Size: 120 Tablets

Ethical Nutrients Super Multi Plus. High strength High potency Daily multivitamin. A high-strength multivitamin and mineral formulation that helps maintain health and wellbeing, especially when you are busy or under stress. In addition to containing optimal levels of nutrients, it contains herbs such as Siberian ginseng....

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