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Bath & Shower Care

A range of beautiful treats for your body during bath and shower time. Promote a healthy body by awakening and revitalising your skin.

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Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Scrub

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Deep Cleansing Face Scrub

Size: 125ml

RRP $21.99, price $18.50.

Dr Organic Bioactive Skincare Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Scrub. Detoxifying charcoal for deep pore purification and revitalised skin. Activated charcoal is a naturally invigorating ingredient that in combination with a complex blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients, creates a deep cleansing exfoliant....

Apricot Liquid Satin Soap for Hands & Face

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Apricot Liquid Satin Soap for Hands & Face - 473 ml

Size: 473 ml

Jason Apricot Satin Soap, for hands and face. No lauryl/laureth sulfates. Concentrated and moisturising. No paraben preservatives. This liquid soap combines the extra rich moisture of natural Apricot oil, the vitamin-qualities of natural Wheat germ and selected botanicals like Marigold and Aloe vera to soothe and moisturise....

Billie Baby Body Wash

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Billy Baby Wash - Natures Skin Drink

Size: 240 ml

WAS $17.95 - SPECIAL OFFER $14.35 - only 2 left

Billie Baby Body Wash. Goats milk - natures skin drink. The skin of a new born baby is precious, and needs to be well looked after. Billie Goat Soap is famous for making soap for people with sensitive skin, and our Billie Baby range is an extension of this promise. This body wash does not have any colours or fragrance added,...

Body Brush

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Stimulate Your Lymphatic System With Dry Skin Brushing

Size: 1 Body Brush

Naturally Body Brush.  Natural bristle body brush for both wet and dry skin brushing. The long handle allows you to access all parts of your body. Great to help with Lymphatic congestion. Very invigorating. Crafted from the finest quality natural materials. The handle comes away from the body brush, so you can also use it...

Chandrika Herbal Soap

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Chandrika Herbal Soap - 75 grams

Size: 75 grams

Chandrika Ayurvedic soap. Export quality prepared from genuine herbal extracts and high quality vegetable oils free from any type of animal fat. Coconut oil, patchouli and sandlewood oil. 75 grams

Emu Oil Moistursing Soap

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Oil of Emu Soap

Size: 115 gm

Emu Spirit Emu Oil Moisturising Soap Bar. Discover the benefits of Emu Spirit Moisturising Soap Bar enriched with Oil of Emu as it cleans and moisturizes, leaving your skin soft and supple. The combination of the penetrating properties of Oil of Emu in a vegetable soap base allows this soap to be used as a facial cleanser,...

Kolorex Intimate Wash

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Natural Intimate Wash

Size: 250 ml

Kolorex Intimate Wash. An extension of the Kolorex anti fungal range of products. This wash is designed for use when microflora are out of balance and also for every day feminine freshness. This soap free formula will cleanse, freshen and soothe irritation in the shower or bath.  Formulated to a natural pH of 4.5. For...

Magnesium Crystal Flakes

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Pure Magnesium Flakes from the Great Salt Lake in Utah

Size: 75 gm

Aciea 100% Pure Magnesium Cystral Flakes.  This product contains 100% pure, unscented, highly concentrated magnesium chloride from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Aciea 100% Pure Magnesium Chloride Flakes help support nervous tension, stress, muscle tension and stiffness.   75 Grams

Magnetic Power Treatment

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Magnetic Power Treatment - 150 ml

Size: 150 ml

Giovanni Magnetic Power Treatment, The most power-filled conditioning treatment ever! Contains Micro-Magnets which are attracted to those sites on your hair which need conditioning, giving you a strand-by-strand, customised conditioning treatment. This luxurious creme is super-rich in deep-penetrating, long-lasting,...

Men's Active After Shave Lotion

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Speick After Shave

Size: 100 ml

Speick Men's Active After Shave Lotion. Revitalising skin care. Natural Vitamin F. Restores the skin’s natural balance and gives it a new lease of life. Nourishing, natural vitamin F and valuable plant extracts instantly moisturise the skin and protect against irritation, leaving it feeling gently revitalised. Each...

Natural Skin Lightening Soap

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Natural Skin Lightening Soap

Size: 90 gm

Beauty Fields Lavender Natural Skin Lightening Soap.  Finally a 100% natural skin lightening soap.  Treat your skin with the best nature has to offer to ensure a radiant, clear complexion and brighter looking skin.  Enriched with natural skin lightening herbs, this soap can be used daily as a regular soap for the...

Neem Shampoo

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Neem Shampoo

Size: 300 ml

The Crown Jewels Neem Shampoo Enriched with Quassia.  Designed for kids, this New Zealand made shampoo is enriched with herbal actives Neem and Quassia to help control and prevent head-lice.  With TCJ-Kids hair products, your child can treat themselves every time they wash their hair and are left smelling great too....

Powersmile Mouthwash

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Powersmile Mouthwash

Size: 473 ml

RRP $32.95, price $21.95

Jason PowerSmile Brightening Peppermint All Natural Mouthwash Brightens teeth with calcium ascorbate for Super fresh breath and a naturally brighter smile. No alcohol or saccharin. Concentrates 2:1. Freshen your breath and keep your smile bright, without harsh abrasives or irritating chemicals. Powersmile all natural...

Sabun Olive Oil Soap

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Traditional Syrian Soap

Size: 175-200 gram bar

Sabun Olive Oil Soap with Bay Laurel Oil. Sabun (pronounded sar boon) olive oil soap, also known in French as Savon d'Alep originates from Aleppo Syria. It is widely considered to be the first olive oil soap ever made. This 100% natural handmade soap is made from a closely guarded recipe that has been handed down for...

Tea Tree Body Wash 200ml

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With refreshing lemongrass, lime & orange

Size: 200 ml

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Body Wash With refreshing lemongrass, lime and orange. Tee tree body wash is made with organic ingredients. It gently cleanses without drying. Herbal extracts and essential oils soothe and stimulate the skin. Ideal for use in the shower. The first bottles of Thursday plantation tea tree oil were...

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