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Gluten Intolerance

Gluten is a component of a number of grains commonly found in Western diets. Gluten contains a protein known as alpha-gliadin, which can cause severe digestive and bowel problems in some people. The four primary grains containing gluten are; wheat, oats, rye and barley.

The information and supplements in this category could be ideal for those who suffer from a gluten intolerance.

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Advanced Bowel Support

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Soothing Support for Gastrointestinal Discomfort

Size: 90 Capsules

Usually $49.95 Now $35 Short Dated May 2018. 3 (Three) only at this price.

Lifestream Advanced Bowel Support (formally aloeMint) Enteric coated capsules. Combining their famous biogenic aloe vera dried inner leaf juice with peppermint oil, in an enteric coated capsule. For the symptomatic relief of gastrointestinal discomfort, spasms, bloating, abdominal pain and cramping. For irritable bowel...

Agar Agar Powder

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Vegan Alternative to Gelatin

Size: 75 grm

Lotus Agar Agar Powder. The basic seaweed raw material is gathered in many areas throughout the world. The Far East is one of the major sources, particularly in Japan, where agar plays an important role in the diet of the people. Commercial Agar is processes by hot water extractings of the cleaned and bleached seaweed, followed...

Choc Chip Protein Cookies

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NZ Made Protein cookie

Size: 64g

Justine's Choc Chip Protein Cookie.  You've never had a cookie like this one! High protein, low carb, extremely high fibre, high calcium, no sugar added, wheat, gluten & preservative free. Soft, moist & comes in five delicious flavors. Makes an ideal breakfast cookie too! 1 cookie

Choc Fudge Protein Cookies

Qty/Price: More Info
High Protein, Ultra Low Carb Cookie

Size: 64g

Justine's Choc Fudge Protein Cookie. High protein, ultra low carb. Wheat and gluten free. You've never had a cookie like this one! High protein, low carb, extremely high fibre, high calcium, no sugar added, wheat, gluten & preservative free. Soft, moist & comes in 6 delicious flavors. Makes an ideal breakfast cookie...

Clean Lean Protein Vanilla

Qty/Price: More Info
Clean Lean Protein Vanilla - 500 grams

Size: 500 grams

NuZest Clean Lean Protein. The Alkaline Advantage. Superior Pea Protein Isolate. Great for the health of all the family. World's highest source of vegetable protein. Clean Lean Protein is extracted from premium golden peas using a patented enzyme process to isolate the protein. As isolate, it contains three times the protein of...

Digest Gluten

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Digest Gluten - 60 Vegecaps

Size: 60 Vegecaps

Radiance Digest Gluten. Supports efficient digestion of gluten. Digest gluten contains patented BioCore® DPP IV (Dipeptidyl peptidase IV), a unique digestive enzyme blend that breaks down the difficult-to-digest proline-containing peptides, which are generally found in wheat, rye, barley and dairy products. DPP-IV...

Digest Spectrum 90 Capsules

Qty/Price: More Info
Multiple Food Intolerance Formula

Size: 90 Capsules

Enzymedica Digest Spectrum Complete Food Sensitivity Support. Food sensitivities (or intolerances) consist of an adverse reaction, sometimes delayed, to a food or compound found in food which is often the result of an enzyme deficiency.  Enzyme deficiencies not only prevent the complete digestion of specific compounds...

Flax Fibre - LSA

Qty/Price: More Info
Flax Fibre - LSA - 500 gm

Size: 500 gm

Waihi Bush Flax fibre - LSA - nutritious and tasty - a functional food. LSA is a blend of certified organic finely ground flax seed meal, sunflower seed and almonds. This is a gluten free source of fibre, and contains 34% high quality, well balanced protein, necessary for a healthy body. It contains a good source of lignans,...

Floravital Liquid Iron

Qty/Price: More Info
Floravital Liquid Iron - 250 ml

Size: 250 ml

Floradix Floravital liquid iron & vitamin formula is yeast & gluten free. Provides nutritional iron, a mineral required for maintaining fitness & health. Especially suitable for those with coeliac disease, who have an iron deficiency. Pleasant tasting due to the use of pure herbal extracts and an exquisite blend of...


Qty/Price: More Info
Gluten and Casein Digestion

Size: 60 Capsules

Enzymedica GlutenEase™; supports people suffering with gluten or casein intolerance. GlutenEase is not formulated to prevent coeliac symptoms. GlutenEase contains a modified Protease Thera-blend with an enzyme activity called DPP-IV. Proteases high in DPP-IV activity assist in normalizing inflammatory response to the...

Goji Berries

Qty/Price: More Info
Goji Berries - 150 gm

Size: 150 gm

Morlife Goji Berries. Nutrient dense super food. Goji, known as Chinese Wolfberry, provide a natural approach to wellness. They are easy to eat and are especially good for those who want to maintain a youthful energetic lifestyle.  Morlife Goji berries are high in antioxidant activity, as measured by an ORAC test. ...

Gojiberry chocolate coated

Qty/Price: More Info
Gojiberry chocolate coated - 150 gm

Size: 150 gm


Morlife Dark Coated Goji Berries. A delicious treat of premium dried goji berries coated in delicious dark chocolate. Morlife has combined premium goji berries and dark chocolate to create a decadent treat.  Dark chocolate, containing high levels of cocoa solids, are known to be a good source of polyphenol...

Guar Gum

Qty/Price: More Info
Ideal for gluten free baking

Size: 100grm

Lotus Guar Gum.  Ideal as a stabilizer, thickener or an emulsifier.  Guar gum is used to replace gluten in baked goods using flours such as rice, maize, potato, tapioca etc.  These are flours used by people who are gluten intolerant ie have coeliacs disease. The general proportions for using guar gum very...

Inner Health Plus Dairy Free 30 VegeCaps

Qty/Price: More Info
Containing Medical strength probiotics

Size: 30 VegeCaps

Inner Health Plus Dairy Free Capsules. Medical strength acidophilus and bifidobacterium. 25 billion good bacteria per vegetable capsule. Assists in restoring beneficial (friendly) intestinal bacteria. Antibiotics deplete this, which can lead to many problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, thrush and skin problems. Taking...

LSA Meal

Qty/Price: More Info

Size: 450 gram

Lotus LSA Meal. LSA Meal consists of linseed, sunflower and almond meal. A sweet and nutty meal that can be sprinkled on fruit, vegetables, ice cream, desserts and cereals. Lotus LSA Meal can also be used in muffin, bread and cake mixes. The popularity of LSA started with the recommended by Dr Sandra Cabot, the Liver...

Multi 100

Qty/Price: More Info
High Potency Multi-100

Size: 90 Tablets

Save $30

Country Life Multi 100. A unique Ultra high potency, 1 a day, multiple vitamin & mineral supplement, with a complete B complex. Ideal for those who need extra in a multi. The most potent multi we have. Stress, skin problems, tiredness, fatigue. 3 month supply.  With Target Mins. Gluten free. 90 tablets

Optimum Health & Nutrition Recipe Book

Qty/Price: More Info
Optimum Health & Nutrition Recipe Book - 1 Book

Size: 1 Book

NOT AVAILABLE. In the process of being rewritten and updated.

Wendy Hamilton NZRN Dip ION, Nutrition Consultant. Wendy Hamilton's NEW Optimum Health Recipe Book is just hot off the press and jam packed full of tasty, healthy meal and snack ideas for the whole family (including Christmas fare). The recipes can be wheat - / gluten - / dairy - free, and healthier alternative substitutes...

Organic Chia Seeds

Qty/Price: More Info
Organic Chia

Size: 250 gram

Usually $14.95

Matakana Superfoods Organic Chia Seeds. Grown in its natural environment in the fertile plains of Central and South America. Aztec Superfood! Chia seed is considered one of the greatest super foods, with just 1 mouthful said to sustain Aztec warriors in battle for 24 hours! Containing many nutrients, this humble seed has a...

Raspberry & White Choc Protein Cookie

Qty/Price: More Info
Made in New Zealand

Size: 12 x 64 g

Justine's Raspberry & White Chocolate Protein Cookies. You've never had a cookie like this one! High protein, low carb, extremely high fibre, high calcium, no sugar added, wheat, gluten & preservative free. Soft, moist & comes in five delicious flavors. Makes an ideal breakfast cookie too!.  1 box of 12 cookies

Raspberry & White Choc Protein Cookie

Qty/Price: More Info
NZ Made Protein Cookie

Size: 64 g cookie

Justine's Raspberry & white choc protein cookie. You've never had a cookie like this one! High protein, low carb, extremely high fibre, high calcium, no sugar added, wheat, gluten & preservative free. Soft, moist & comes in 3 delicious flavors. Makes an ideal breakfast cookie too!. Made in New Zealand. 1 cookie. 64...

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