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Head Lice Treatment

No one wants to use un-necessary chemical treatments on their children. Head lice treatments are often potent chemical combinations, that get stronger and stronger as the head lice become more and more resistant to them. In this category you will find a range of natural options to help deal with head lice and nits. You will find combs, shampoo, treatment lotions and also prevention spray. A natural way to protect you and your family.

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Essentia Healthy Hair

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Essentia Healthy Hair - 250 ml

Size: 250 ml

Essentia Healthy Hair, 100% natural hair care. Conditions, softens, untangles, protects, deters head lice. This New Zealand made hair care product is easy to use. Healthy hair rapidly relieves and improves hair and scalp problems. Its pure essential oils are naturally dispersed and easily absorbed into the hair and scalp. ...

Head Lice & Nit Removal Comb

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Head Lice & Nit Removal Comb

Natures Nurse Head Lice & Nit Remover.  Stay free or head lice, with out nasty and harmful chemicals.  Its easier to use, with rounded teeth which glide smoothly through hair, reducing tugs and pulls. Its more effective. The closely spaced comb teeth make removing head lice and nits easier. Its stronger & long...

Lice Lather Preventative Spray

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Lice Lather Preventative Spray - 100 ml

Size: 100 ml

Natures Nurse Lice Lather Preventative Spray. For rapid control & prevention of head lice & nits. Easy to use & pleasant smelling. 100% naturally derived. No harmful chemicals. 100% free from synthetic pesticides. Keep your family free from Head Lice infestations, with regular use of this preventative spray. With...

Lice Lather Treatment Shampoo

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Treatment Shampoo

Size: 100 ml

WAS $22.95 - SPECIAL OFFER $19.95 - only 3 left

Nature's Nurse Lice Lather treatment shampoo - the new break-through in natural, safe and effective headlice and nit control. Free your family from the time consuming frustration of headlice and nits with this unique blend of effective plant extracts and essential oils. Pleasant smelling - Suitable for frequent use. 100%...

Mr Nits

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All Natural Non Toxic

Size: 100 ml

Mr Nits One Application Removes Head lice and Live Eggs.  100% Effective Clinically Proven Caring No toxic Insecticides No tea tree or Eucalyptus oil Easy fragrant and Soothing. Loved by thousands of kids - hated by millions of nits.  Mr Nits® special formulation of natural botanical oils disrupts the attachment...

Neem Conditioner

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Break The Head lice Cycle

Size: 300 ml

The Crown Jewels Neem Conditioner. Simple, Effective, Get Nit Free. Break the cycle of headlice. A head-lice conditioner for regular use, enriched with herbal actives Neem and Quassia to help control and prevent head lice.  With TCJ-Kids hair products, your child can treat themselves every time they wash their hair and are...

Neem Shampoo

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Neem Shampoo

Size: 300 ml

The Crown Jewels Neem Shampoo Enriched with Quassia.  Designed for kids, this New Zealand made shampoo is enriched with herbal actives Neem and Quassia to help control and prevent head-lice.  With TCJ-Kids hair products, your child can treat themselves every time they wash their hair and are left smelling great too....

Neem Styling Paste

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Natural Styling Paste with Quassia

Size: 100 ml

TCJ-Kids Neem Styling Paste Enriched with Quassia. Break the cycle of head lice. Holds firm yet remains pliable. Use to style and shape add texture, volume and shine, or simply to control wayward frizz.  Enriched with herbal actives Neem & Quassia to aid in the prevention of Head-lice. Family friendly. Not tested on...

Neem Treatment

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Treatment Spray For Nits

Size: 150 ml

TCJ-Kids Neem Leave-In Treatment Conditioner. Simple, effective. Break the cycle of head lice. The easy and hassle free way to treat head-lice.  Enriched with herbal actives Neem & Quassia, this treatment is designed to break the life cycle of head-lice by interrupting their reproductive cycle.  Used on a daily...

No Nits Head Lice Soap

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Soap For Headlice/Nits

Size: 1 bar

Natural No-Nit Head Lice Soap. Wash, Comb & Go!  A safe gentle and natural formulation. OnlyEmu no nit soap lathers richly and leaves hair soft, shinning and clean. This soap does not dry out the hair or scalp but instead leaves it moisturised and fragrant (sweet smelling to you, horrible to lice). Emu oil in the...

Pure Organic Neem Seed oil

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Pure Organic Neem Seed oil - 30 ml

Size: 30 ml

Neem Aura Naturals 100% Certified Organic Cold pressed and Wild crafted Neem seed oil. Azadirachta indica. Neem aura neem oil has the highest Azadirachtin content in a most concentrated form. A little goes a long way. Neem is considered to be the "miracle" herb and has been used in the Ayurvedic tradition for 5000...

Spiral Tooth Nit Comb

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Spiral Nit Comb

Size: 1 Unit

TCJ-Kids Spiral Nit Comb with double grooved teeth for easy removal of nits and lice. A good quality nit comb is an important part in helping to get on top of an infestation.  The spiral grooves are designed for easier removal of lice and nits, with an ergonomically designed handle for added comfort.  The comb cover...

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea tree oil

Size: 10 ml

Dolphin Clinic 100% Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia). The Aromatherapy Oil Tea Tree is head clearing, anti fungal, good for respiratory infections and effective on blemishes. It is also a natural insect repellent. 10ml.

Tea Tree Oil

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tea tree oil image

Size: 25 ml

Vitafit Tea tree oil, with dropper. Organic grown. Pure essential oil of the melaleuca alternifornia (Australian tea tree)  Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic with antifungal and antiparasitic properties.  Apply to minor cuts, burns, abrasions, nail infections, pimples, boils, bites and stings.  For sensitive...

Tea Tree Skin Care Soap 3*125gm

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Tea Tree Skin Care Soap 3*125gm - 3 x125 gm

Size: 3 x125 gm

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Organic Soap. 3 bars. Tea tree organic soap.  Made with organic ingredients. Cleans and purifies the skin. Suitable for all skin types.Contains 97% Certified Organic Ingredients. Certified by the Organic Food Chain. Contains 100% pure Tea Tree Oil. Contains 100% naturally derived ingredients....

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