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The skin is the body's largest organ. It consists of three layers - the epidermis (outer layer), the dermis (middle layer), and the subcutaneous layer (inner layer). Because the skin acts as a shield between the body and the millions of foreign substances that exist in our environment, it often reacts with problems such as acne, rashes, bumps, scales, redness, and other skin problems. Skin irritations are characterised by scaling, flaking, thickening, colour changes, itching, cracking, and dryness. The skin excretes toxins and poisons that are present in the body, as do the kidneys and bowels.

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100% Pure Magnesium Gel

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100% Pure Magnesium Gel - 118 ml

Size: 118 ml

Aciea 100% Pure Magnesium Gel with certified organic aloe gel. Natural skin and body conditioner. USP Grade magnesium chloride brine from Utah's Great Salt Lake. This magnesium gel is thicker, silky smooth and less concentrated than magnesium oil, making it the perfect magnesium supplement for sensitive skin. Certified...

Acne Clear Ointment

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Clear Pimples faster

Size: 30 gm

Usually $21.95 Now $19.50 Short Dated August. 3 (Three) only at this price.

MEBO Acne clear natural Ointment. Helps clear pimples from skin.  This is a naturally based ointment which supports the skins immune response to bacteria. It cleanses irritated & infected skin. It nourishes & protects the skin. Provides rapid healing to acne. An intensive formula. it is also effective for daily...

Advanced Probiotic

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14 Strain Beneficial Bacteria

Size: 30 Vegetarian Capsules

Lifestream Advanced Probiotics. 14 Strain Multi Species Beneficial Bacteria. No refrigeration required for this multi strain vegetarian capsule, that is stable in acid conditions of the stomach. This Unique 14-strain multi species probiotic for optimal digestive health. Highly effective throughout the digestive tract....

Ageless Beauty

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Ageless Beauty look younger with marine collagen

Size: 60 Vegicaps

Elsewhere up to $69.95 Save $25!

Radiance Ageless Beauty New Zealand Marine Collagen + Antioxidants. The award-winning supplement for age-defying beauty from within! Contains ingredients carefully selected for their beneficial effects on skin, hydration, strengthening & rejuvenating, antioxidant protection & clear skin cleansing. Contains NZ hydrolysed...

AKN Skincare

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AKN Skin Care Image

Size: 100 Capsules

A synergistic formula that aids in elimination of toxins that adversely effect the health of the skin. May assist with reduction or control of adolescent acne or other hormonal skin conditions. Acts as a blood cleanser & assists liver function. Highly recommended for chronic scaly skin problems such as psoriasis. 100 caps...

Aloe Vera 84% Moisturising Cream with Vitamin E

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Soothing 84% Aloe Vera

Size: 113 gm

Jason Soothing 84% Aloe vera Pure natural Moisturizing Creme.  This botanically rich daily creme naturally delivers deep, long lasting moisturization and calms irritated skin.  Highly concentrated Aloe Vera Gel plus natural sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E instantly soothe dry, irritated, sun damaged or newly shaven...

Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera Gel - 50 ml

Size: 50 ml

Harker Herbals Aloe Vera Gel Formula 910  100% natural Ingredients. Active ingredients: Aloe vera, Neroli and Olive. A gentle antural skin care Aloe gel to help refine and repair skin.  Apply liberally to face and body to improve skin texture. Versatile for a variety of skin complaints, including soothing the skin for...

Aloe Vera Gel 260gm

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Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E

Size: 260 gm

Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Gel, with Vitamin E. Lifestream biogenic aloe vera gel combines the legendary nourishing and soothing properties of aloe vera with the deep moisturising qualities of Vitamin E. The pure "inner gel" of the Aloe barbadensis plant contains numerous essential minerals, enzymes, vitamins,...

Aloe Vera Gel 500gm

Qty/Price: More Info
Without Colour or fragrance

Size: 500 gm

Lifestream Biogenic Natural Aloe Vera Gel, with Vitamin E. Lifestream biogenic aloe vera gel combines the legendary nourishing and soothing properties of aloe vera with the deep moisturising qualities of Vitamin E. The pure "inner gel" of the Aloe barbadensis plant contains numerous essential minerals, enzymes,...

Aloe Vera Mist

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Aloe Vera Mist - 150 ml

Size: 150 ml

Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Mist with Vitamin E + Herbal Infusions. Soothes & Nourishes. To soothe, rehydrate & refresh tired, dry, irritated & sun exposed skin. A wonderful blend of 95% pure Biogenic Aloe Vera juice with added Vitamin E, witch hazel & herbal extracts of chamomile, balm mint & cucumber to...

Apostle Skin Brightening Serum

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Antipodes Skin Brightening Serum

Size: 30 ml

Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum. A water based serum to help correct dull blemished or uneven skin while restoring essential moisture with Waiwera mineral water, voted the worlds best water. Scientifically validated Vinanza Performance Plus® helps minimise facial redness and melanin production causing...

Arnica Ointment

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Arnica Ointment - 90 gm

Size: 90 gm

Naturopharm Arnica Ointment. Everyone knows the benefits of the topical use of arnica on a bump or bruise. This Arnica is in an ointment base of petroleum jelly, so will be held on the skin for longer. Made in New Zealand. 90 grams

Barley Grass Powder Organic

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100% Pure & Organic

Size: 200 gm

Morlife Alkalising Barley Grass. Certified Organic.  It is thought that our typical diet need to be more alkalising, which requires an increased intake of fruit and vegetables, especially green varieties such as barley grass.  Barley grass may help you to shift from an acid state to an alkaline state which can result...

Best Collagen Types 1 & 3

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Type 1 & 3 collagen, for structural support for hair, skin, nails, tendons, ligaments & bones

Size: 180 Tablets

Doctor's Best Collagen Types 1 & 3. Essential structural support for hair, skin, nails, tendons, ligaments and bones. Collagen is the major structural protein in connective tissue and the most abundant protein in the human body. As connective tissue performs the functions of binding and supporting, collagen is responsible...

Best Free Lutein Featuring FloraGLO

Qty/Price: More Info
Best Free Lutein Featuring FloraGLO - 60 Softgels

Size: 60 Softgels

Doctor's Best Free Lutein, featuring FloraGlo lutein, with zeaxanthin. maintains healthy visual function. A potent free radical scavenger. Extracted from marigold flowers, the most abundant source in nature. Lutein is found in high concentrations in the retina of the eye. It functions as a potent free radical scavenger in a...

Best Hyaluronic Acid

Qty/Price: More Info
Hyaluronic acid with chondroitin for healthy skin and joint function

Size: 60 Capsules

Usually $39.95 Now $35 Short Dated August. 1 (One) only at this price.

Doctor's Best Hyaluronic Acid with Chondroitin sulfate. Supports healthy joints. Supports healthy skin. Made with BioCell Collagen II®, a patented, award winning ingredient derived from a naturally occurring matrix of constituents that is standardized with 20% chondroitin sulphate (CS) and 10% Hyaluronic acid (HA), in...

Billie Goat Moisturiser

Qty/Price: More Info
Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin

Size: 500 ml

Billie Goat Soap Moisturiser, for sensitive Skin.  Feel the difference when you use a quality Billie Goat Soap moisturiser made from Australian goats milk.  Goats milk is high in Vitamin A, B6 and B12.  It also contains niacin, potassium and is very high in the antioxidant selenium.  Goats milk is the ideal...

Biotin 1000mcg

Qty/Price: More Info
Biotin 1000mcg - 50 Vegicaps

Size: 50 Vegicaps

Solgar Biotin 1000mcg (1mg). A water soluble B complex vitamin produced in the intestines by bacteria, as well as by the diet. Without biotin, the body's fat production is impaired. Assists in the making of fatty acids, in nucleic acid synthesis & in the oxidation of fatty acids & carbohydrates. Fat production....

Body Cleanse

Qty/Price: More Info
Body Cleanse - 2 Bottle pack

Size: 2 Bottle pack

Good Health Body Cleanse, Total body detox. A 2 part detox system. Herbs and nutrients to support detoxification. Key herbs to support blood cleansing. Supports healthy liver and bowel function. Body cleanse supplies Multi Cleanse, which contains the liver herb Milk thistle, dandelion root and turmeric, along with red clover,...


Qty/Price: More Info
Burdock - 100 Capsules

Size: 100 Capsules

Burdock is one of the best herbs for chronic skin problems. A blood purifier that targets the liver & lymphatic system. Increases the flow of urine, helps fight kidney & bladder infections. Helps reduce swelling & deposits in joints.

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