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Jet Lag

Jet lag is a physiological condition which is caused by alterations to the body’s circadian rhythms resulting from long-distance travel on a airplane. It can last several days until your body has adjusted to the new time zone. Jet lag can be a major problem for travellers. Possibly one of the most important things is to get your sleep patterns sorted out before you go away, try and sleep on the plane and make sure you drink plenty of fluids on the day of the flight and on the plane. 

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5 HTP 120mg Ultra Serotonin Support

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5htp ultra serotonin support image

Size: 60 Vegicaps

5 HTP 120mg is an important natural ingredient derived from griffonia simplicifolia seeds. 5 HTP supports the healthy production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is produced and stored in the brain and when released creates a feeling of well-being, supporting good mood. Healthy levels of 5-HTP are essential for healthy...

5-HTP Mood Care 50mg

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5htp mood care image

Size: 60 Capsules

5 HTP Mood Care (5-Hydroxytryptophan) To support Serotonin Production and Mood. May help those experiencing mild to moderate mood disturbances and sleep disturbances. A quality source of natural 5 HTP derived from the seed of griffonia simplicifolia. 5HTP is a precursor to the brain neurotransmitter serotonin. Low serotonin...

Childs Sleep Support Tart Cherry Concentrate

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Tart Cherry Concentrate

Size: 250 ml

Tru2U Childs Sleep Support Tart Cherry Concentrate. 100% Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate. Naturally occurring plant phytonutrients which support regular sleep patterns for a quality and restorative sleep. A natural source of potent antioxidants and anthocyanin antioxidants, which support the immune system. Montmorency...

Day Drops

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Day drops

Size: 30 ml

Day Drops. Natural Sleep Support. Sleep Support System. Day drops supports natural energy production, soothes a frazzled nervous system and helps you feel more balanced so you can get a better nights sleep. DayDrops are the perfect addition to the Sleep Support System. Day Drops provide natural ingredients to support the...

Double Strength Tart Cherry Concentrate 500 ml

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Double Strength Tart Cherry Concentrate 500 ml - 500 ml

Size: 500 ml

Tru2u Double Strength Sleep Support 100% Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate . Natural Phytomelatonin. Made from 100% Natural Canadian Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice. Nothing else added. Phytomelatonin is a powerful antioxidant which helps to regulate circadian rhythms and sleep. Mood fluctuations, stress and anxiety, lack of...

Eleuthero Siberian Ginseng

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Eleuthero Siberian Ginseng - 100 Capsules

Size: 100 Capsules

Natures Sunshine Eleuthero or Siberian Ginseng. Adaptogenic herbs support energy and help the body under environmental stress. Eleuthero is considered an adaptogen. It acts as a tonic at the cellular level. Eleuthero is a distant relative of Korean and American ginsengs. It is held in high esteem in China, where it has...

Ginseng 5 Exhaustion Relief

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Ginseng 5 Exhaustion Relief - 60 Capsules

Size: 60 Capsules

Ethical Nutrients Ginseng 5 Exhaustion Relief. Stress and Exhaustion Relief. To assist with stress and exhaustion. Contains 5 of the most well known ginsengs: Korean, Siberian, Chinese, Indian, and American, that help your body to cope with stress more effectively. So when stress leaves you feeling exhausted and run down ...

Ginseng Extract 100%

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Ginseng Extract 100% - 300 gm

Size: 300 gm

Improves physical and mental vitality, as well as helping the body adapt to stress, reducing adverse effects on the body. Athletes find it helpful to assist with increased energy, stamina and recovery after strenuous exercise.

Ginseng Extract 100%

Qty/Price: More Info
Pure Korean Ginseng Extract

Size: 50 gm

Il Hwa Korean Ginseng Extract. Improves physical and mental vitality, as well as helping the body adapt to stress, reducing adverse effects on the body. Athletes find it helpful to assist with increased energy, stamina and recovery after strenuous exercise.  50 grams

High 5HTP 100mg

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High 5htp supplement image

Size: 60 Vegecaps

Buy 2 for NZ$89.90 and get FREE WORLDWIDE shipping on this product*

High 5HTP provides a high dose of 5HTP, which is a precursor to serotonin, thus supporting healthy serotonin levels in the brain.  Serotonin is a feel good brain chemical.  Low levels have been linked to mood & premenstrual imbalances, stress & carbohydrate cravings.  Mood support. 5HTP supports mental...

Jet Lag Relief

Qty/Price: More Info
Jet Lag Relief - 25 ml

Size: 25 ml

Naturopharm Jet-Lag relief.  Homeopathic remedy which works by supporting the body's normal response to long distance air travel. Formulated for the symptomatic relief of jet lag and the physical and emotional problems of long distance travel.  Assists natural recovery from the effects of air travel and supports...

Kava 1-A-Day

Qty/Price: More Info
Sleep and Nervous System

Size: 60 VegeCaps

Usually $49.95 Now $39.95 Short Dated March 2018. 1 (One) only at this price.

Go Healthy Kava 1 A Day is designed to support the body through times of stress and anxiety. This non drowsy formula promotes relaxation, supporting the bodys natural response during times of increased mental and physical stress. Convinient one a day dose. helps the body cope with stress and anxiety. Aids relaxation and...

Korean Ginseng Extract 100%

Qty/Price: More Info
Korean Ginseng Extract 100% - 30 gm

Size: 30 gm

IL Hwa 100% Korean Ginseng Extract. Improves physical and mental vitality, as well as helping the body adapt to stress, reducing adverse effects on the body. Athletes find it helpful to assist with increased energy, stamina and recovery after strenuous exercise. Ilhwa Ginseng Extract creates a tea that will truly improve your...

Rescue Sleep Spray

Qty/Price: More Info
Rescue Sleep Spray - 20 ml

Size: 20 ml

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray.  Relief from sleeplessness. A natural sleep aid.  Rescue sleep combines the famous Rescue Remedy with White chestnut, another of Dr Bach's 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies.  Rescue sleep has been traditionally used to relieve sleeplessness associated with recurring and worrying...

Sleep & Relax Drops

Qty/Price: More Info
Sleep & Relax Drops - 100 ml

Size: 100 ml

Weleda Sleep & Relax Drops (formerly Avena Comp. Relaxing drops), to calm and promote sleep. Calms nervous tension, mild anxiety and promotes relaxation. Helps relieve insomnia and aid restful sleep. Non-habit forming and does not cause daytime drowsiness. Can be used for day & night time use. Suitable for all the...

Sleep Drops for Adults

Qty/Price: More Info
Natural Sleep Support

Size: 50 ml

Sleep Drops for Adults. Sleep Support System. Natural Sleep Support. Whether you are having trouble going to sleep, waking during the night, or have little one's (or BIG one's) keeping you from achieving deep, restful sleep SleepDrops may be the answer to your dreams!  Many people simply want to enjoy a better night's...

Sleep Drops for Babies

Qty/Price: More Info
Sleep Drops For Babies

Size: 30 ml

SleepDrops for Babies. Sleep Support System. Natural Sleep Support. Sleep drops contains eight herbal remedies including some of the most scientifically researched, studied and recognised solutions for sleep problems, along with two herbal remedies to support the immune system and a healthy allergic response. Homeopathic sleep...

Sleep Drops for Kids

Qty/Price: More Info
Sleep drops for kids

Size: 30 ml

Sleep Drops for Kids. Sleep Support System. Natural Sleep Support. An all natural and safe sleep formula to help support a healthy, good quality sleep in children. This unique formulation has been developed by a New Zealand Naturopathic Sleep Specialist. SleepDrops take into consideration the reasons why a young person may have...

Sleep Support

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Non-Addictive with 5-HTP

Size: 60 Vegicaps

Go Sleep Support.  Non Addictive, Non Drowsy with 5 HTP.  Sleep and Nervous system. Go Sleep support is a gentle, calming formula that promotes relaxation and supports a good night's sleep. The ingredients help to calm the mind and body without causing drowsiness.  A good nights sleep is essential for the next...

Sleep Support Pure Tart Cherry Skin Capsules

Qty/Price: More Info

Size: 60 Vegicaps

Tru2U Sleep Support Tart Cherry Skin. 500mg Pure Freeze Dried Montmorency Tart Cherry Skin Powder.  Contains 15mcg phytomelatonin per capsule. New technology means that there is now the same level of phyto-melatonin in two capsules as there is in the Tru2U well-proven Sleep Support Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate!!! Naturally...

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