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Beet Root Extract 60 Capsules

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Size: 60 Capsules


Herbal Pacific Beet Root Extract Capsules. This Beet Root Extract lets you enjoy the goodness of beets in a convenient capsule form. This standardized extract contains 0.3% betanin, one of the betalain pigments that give the garden beet its red color. This wellness formula is vegetarian and vegan, and comes in rapid release...

Damiana Leaves

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Size: 100 Capsules

A safe & gentle herbal remedy, which may be effective in assisting with fertility, urinary tract & respiratory weaknesses. A common component of aphrodisiac compounds for both men & women. Also used as an anti-depressant. 100 caps


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Male performance formula

Size: 30 Tablets

ErectOmax male Performance Formula. May enhance Male libido Sexual performance Muscle mass and Strength Energy and Stamina. Clinically trialled testofen. This powerful formula is specifically developed to improve libido and to enhance sexual performance. Erectomax is a specially developed formula containing high potency...

Go Man Plus

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Male Libido Tonic

Size: 30 Vegicaps

RRP $46.99, price $30.50

Go Healthy Go Man Plus, with triple strength Horny Goat Weed. Man Plus is designed to enhance sexual energy, supporting a healthy libido, improving stamina and energy in times of need.  Horny Goat Weed is well known for supporting healthy sexual function.  Each capsule contains a huge 15,000mg of horny goat weed and...


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HE2 - 45 Tablets

Size: 45 Tablets

RRP $41.09, price $39.95.

Martin & Pleasance HE2. Feel like your old, young self. HE2 is a potent men's midlife herbal formulation that combines five powerful herbs, with two nutrients to offer a complete formula which helps to do more than just address a few symptoms. HE2 is the first formula on the market to help address a combination of issues...

Horny Goatweed Liquid Extract

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100% Pure Horny Goat Weed Liquid

Size: 30 ml

RRP $44.90, price $39.95.

Amazing Herbs Horny Goat Weed Express Extract.  It botanical name is Epimedium grandiflorum, a powerful Chinese tonic herb whose first recorded use dates back to the ancient text, Shen Non Ben Cao Jing (ca. 200 B.C.-100 A.D.) were it was described as a warming herb that benefited jing (semen or life essence). It has been...

L-Arginine 500 mg

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L-Arginine 500 mg - 50 Capsules

Size: 50 Capsules

The amino acid L- Arginine, is a semi-essential amino acid that plays an important role in cell division. It helps support the immune system, growth hormone and sperm production, ammonia detoxification and fat metabolism. It also maintains the body's normal physiology to recover from wounds and build muscle. It is an important...


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Tonic For Stamina

Size: 60 Capsules

RRP $53.90, price $48.50

Natures Way Maca, dried root extract. Maca is a hearty root that grow at extreme elevations high in the Andean Mountains of Peru.  Native Peruvian's have consumed maca for centuries for its energy and stamina effects.  Today maca is also gaining favour for its hormonal balancing, sexual function and fertility...

Maca Gold

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Maca Gold - 220 Capsules

Size: 220 Capsules

RRP $62.95, price $59.95.

Maca Gold. Natural Superfood. Certified Organic.  Grown in the pristine and fertile environment of the Andes Mountains of Peru, free of chemicals and pesticides at the optimum altitude of 14,300 feet.  macagold, 100% dehydrated root vegetable, is grown by traditional farmer co-ops renowned for producing this wonder...

Maca Powder

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Superpower Your Food With Pure Maca Powder - Peruvian Ginseng

Size: 100 gm

RRP $12.90, price $9.95.

Radiance Superfoods 100% Pure Maca Powder. Vitality and Energy. Known as the Peruvian Ginseng, maca is nutritionally dense with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Maca has been traditionally used throughout South America for centuries. These cultures believe that maca helps to support healthy fertility levels,...

Male Mojo Aphrodisiac and Mood Formula- Special

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Aphrodisiac Formula

Size: 30 Tablets

Was $59.95, Now $56. January 2020 expiry. Only 1 available

Totally Natural Male Mojo Aphrodisiac and Mood Formula. Mens Health. Male Mojo has been formulated to awaken your sexual mojo. Male Mojo may help maintain healthy testosterone levels in the male body. Male Mojo contains Testofen, for healthy ...


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One a day Multivitamin

Size: 60 Tablets

Xcel Health MultiVite. A formulation by Leanne James. One a day Multivite, formulated with New Zealanders in mind, taking into account our soil depletion of low zinc, boron & selenium. Provides 50mcg of Selenium and 10mg of Zinc per tablet. Using some of the most absorbable forms of minerals available & 25mg of most B...

New Zealand Deer Velvet

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NZ Deer Velvet supplement image

Size: 100 Capsules

Deep Blue Health New Zealand Deer Velvet. Rich in IGF-1 & IGF-2, this quality deer velvet is produced from the finest South Island velvet in NZ. It has been expertly hand-selected to ensure it contains a variety of complex elements including amino acid (almost half of its substance), enzymes, minerals, vitamins, fats,...

Pure Vitality Grade A Deer Antler Velvet

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NZ Deer Antler Velvet

Size: 60 Capsules

Pure Vitality Grade A Natural Deer Velvet.  New Zealand Deer Velvet extract from pure vitality Deer Farms. Scientific research is now showing velvets benefits for supporting vitality and well being, joint and mobility support, immune system, strength and endurance, libido and performance, recovery from stress and injury...

Superbeet Formula 500ml

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Superbeet Formula 500ml - 500 ml

Size: 500 ml

RRP $38.50, price $36.50.

Natures Goodness Superbeet Formula. Beetroot juice concentrate. High in nitrates. Beetroot has been a staple food in Eastern Europe for many centuries. It also served an important role as a dietary supplement because of its numerous nutrients. This juice concentrate contains 80% beetroot juice concentrate. It also contains...

Tribulus 20,000

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Tribulus 20,000 - 60 Capsules

Size: 60 Capsules

RRP $52.90, price $49.95.

Balance Tribulus 20,000, for the active sports person. A high potency herbal formula, for stamina and endurance needed during intense physical activity or an active lifestyle. Each one capsule provides a herbal extract equivalent to dry Tribulus terrestris whole plant 20,000mg. May also assist maintaining normal sexual...


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Performance Supplement for Men

Size: 10 Pack

RRP $59.95, price $45.95.

UltraV Performance Supplement for Men. Naturally Supports Normal Male Function, stamina and energy. Ultra V has been researched, formulated and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest licensed medicines production standards. Natural herbs and extracts of immaculate purity are combined with tribulus terrestis which has long...


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Supports Normal Function

Size: 2 Pack

RRP $19.95, price $14.95.

UltraV Performance Supplement for Men. Naturally supports stamina, energy and normal male function. Ultra V has been researched, formulated and manufactured in NZ to the highest licensed medicines production standards. Natural herbs are combined with tribulus terrestis, used in the Unani & Ayurveda holistic medical...

VitalX Tongkat Ali for Men

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VitalX Tongkat Ali for Men - 90 Capsules

Size: 90 Capsules

RRP $64.95, price $54.95.

VitalX Tongkat Ali for Men.  If you are looking for Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia, then look no more.  Each capsule contains an extract of tongkat ali root (not just the powdered root), which started with 100 kilograms of tongkat ali root, to provide this potent herbal extract of 100mg per capsule. Animal studies...

Zinc 120 tablets

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Zinc 120 tablets - 120 Tablets

Size: 120 Tablets

This is the best zinc supplement we stock. Each tablet is combined with Zinc amino acid chelate, magnesium, retinyl acetate (Vitamin A), Vitamin C and also Vitamin B6. Zinc is vital for skin problems, acne, hair, nails, men's prostate & fertility issues, as well as women's reproductive systems. Also acts as a free radical...

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