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Bee Stings

Insect stings are common, and may cause discomfort, but unless you suffer from an allergic reaction, the best course of treatment is to soothe the pain and reduce swelling. The stinging insects inject a toxin through a stinger at the tail end of the abdomen. The reaction is usually local, but if the sting occurs in the mouth or throat, swelling can cut off the air supply and cause death by asphyxiation. Death can occur in individuals who are hypersensitive to bee venom.

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Allermed Relief Gel

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Allermed Relief Gel - 30 gm

Size: 30 gm

Naturopharm Allermed relief gel assists the body's normal immune response to allergic reactions. This includes skin rashes caused by foods, plants, clothing or chemicals or the localised swelling and itching of an insect sting or bite. Rapidly absorbed. Contains tincture of apis 5%, ledum 5% and urtica urens 5%. 30 grams

Allermed Relief Spray

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Allermed Relief Spray - 25 ml

Size: 25 ml

Naturopharm Allermed Relief Spray. Homeopathic spray to assist the natural immune response to allergic reactions caused by food, plants, clothing, insect bites and stings. Has soothing properties. Will not interfere with any other form of medication nor cause drowsiness. Works well for skin reactions when used in conjunction...

Bite Away

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Instant Relief from Insect bites

Size: 1 Device

The Original Bite Away Natural Bite Healer.  Biteaway is a quick, natural remedy for an annoying problem - Insect bites.  It uses concentrated heat (no electricity) on a bite or sting to decompose the insects proteins and to suppress the body's allergic reaction which causes pain, itching and swelling.  Bite away...

Hypercal Gel

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Hypercal Gel

Size: 100 grams

Naturopharm Hypercal Gel. Hypercal healing gel has a useful soothing effect, assisting the body's response to skin infection and helping to promote natural healing after injury and trauma. Hypercal gel penetrates quickly into the skin, allowing maximum absorption of the tincture. Contains hypericum 2.5% & calendula 2.5%....

Lavender Essential Oil

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Pure Lavender Oil

Size: 10 ml

Dolphin Clinic Lavender Essential oil (Lavendula angustifolia). The aromatherapy oil Lavender is a natural antiseptic & can be used directly for the relief of insect bites. This oil is traditionally used to help relieve depression, create feelings of comfort & also a soothing rub for rheumatism & arthritis. 10ml.

Quercetin Complex

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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Complex

Size: 100 Vegecaps

RRP $71.10, price $56.95.

Solgar Quercetin Complex with Vitamin C as Ester C Plus Bromelain. Allergy support formula. This product provides nutritional antioxidants and immune support. This unique formula may be effective in supporting normal health and wellness in individuals that regularly suffer from allergies, especially histamine related seasonal...

Skin Peace Lotion

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Skin Peace Lotion - 250 ml

Size: 250 ml

Harker Herbals 528 Skin Peace Lotion (was called Skin Soothe) The original skin peace lotion created in 1984. Lavender, pine and cajeput. Soothing lotion for minor skin itches and irritations. This evermore popular lotion for soothing relief from itchy skin problems.  This plant based formula leaves skin feeling cool and...

Super Family C Powder 300 grams

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Suitable for the family

Size: 300 gm

RRP $49.99, price $35.95.

Clinicians Super Family C 2000. Esterfied Vitamin C for 24 hour activity. Suitable for the family. Everyday health & immune support. Bioflavonoids for enhanced activity. Super Family C powder provides three forms of vitamin c, which together with a bioflavonoid complex work to support immune and circulatory health....

Vitamin C with Hesperidin Complex

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Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

Size: 300 gm

RRP $49.95, price $39.95

NSP Lifetrends Vitamin C with Hesperidin Complex. Practitioner grade Vitamin C powder with added Hesperidin Bioflavonoid Complex. may help reduce the severity and duration of the symptoms of colds, relief of the symptoms of hayfever, assist in the maintenance of peripheral circulation and help build a strong foundation for...

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