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Back Pain

Most people suffer from upper or lower back pain at some time during their lives that needs treatment. The majority of backaches are not symptoms of serious disease, but are a variety of disturbances in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones or underlying organs. 70% of sufferers will have recovered within a week and over 90% within a month. Very few back problems become serious, however they are debilitating when they happen.

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1-A-Day Glucosamine

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glucosamine for joint health

Size: 210 Capsules

Go Glucosamine 1 a Day is a complete high strength joint care formula in a convenient 1 a day capsule dose. Each capsule contains a full dose of scientifically proven Glucosamine sulfate 1,500mg plus Chondroitin and potent supporting nutrients. Ginger and turmeric support comfort of joint movement, while celery supports...

Anti Flamme Extra Sample

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With cloves, eucalyptus and arnica

Size: 8 grams

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Natures Kiss Anti-Flamme Extra, extra strength herbal relief creme. Extra strong relief from bumps, bruises, aches and pains. With cloves, eucalyptus and extra arnica. Not suitable during pregnancy. 8 gram sample size.

Anti-Flamme Cream

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Sore muscles and joints

Size: 45 gm

First choice for strained muscles, joint pain, bumps, bruises, and common sports injuries. Suitable for use before and after spinal manipulation to ease the discomfort, and for overuse syndromes. Contains Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula and Peppermint 45 grams

Anti-Flamme Cream

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Anti-Flamme Cream - 90 gm

Size: 90 gm

First choice for strained muscles, joint pain, bumps, bruises, and common sports injuries. Suitable for use before and after spinal manipulation to ease the discomfort, and for overuse syndromes. Contains Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula and Peppermint 90 gm

Arnica Extra Strength Gel

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Extra Strength Arnica Gel

Size: 100 grams

Naturopharm Arnica Extra Strength Gel. Fast-acting arnica extra strength gel assists the normal response to shock, injury and bruising helping the body's normal defence mechanisms in times of trauma & after surgery. Ideal for after exercise, arthritis, repetitive strain or over use syndrome. Contains tincture of Arnica...

Bee Venom with Glucosamine

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Glucosamine with Bee Venom

Size: 100 Capsules

Sensational Bee Products Bee+Venom with Glucosamine. Natural joint health. Bee Relieved contains Bee venom and Glucosamine, which work by providing an anti inflammatory effect, while also providing the building blocks to help repair cartilage, ligament & tendon damage. Bee venom contains a potent natural anti-inflammatory...

Best Curcumin Phytosome

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Curcumin phytosome for even greater absorption. Management of c-reactive protein

Size: 60 Veggie Caps

Doctor's Best Curcumin Phytosome featuring Meriva®. Benefits proven by clinical trials. Curcumin nutrients (curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin) are usually poorly absorbed when taken by mouth. Proprietary Phytosome technology solves this problem. In Curcumin Phytosome featuring Meriva, each curcuminoid...

Big Heat Wheaty Treat

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Big Heat Wheaty Treat - 1 Pack

Size: 1 Pack

Stressbusters The Big Heat Wheaty Treat. A New Zealand made wheat bag. With 12 unique panels, the wheat stays put but you don’t have to. Can be used hot, by heating in the microwave or cold, by putting in the deep freeze. No water required when heating. Store in the resealable bag in the deep freeze and then either use...

Black Pepper

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Piper Nigrum

Size: 10 ml

Dolphin Clinic Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) essential oil is a stimulating oil said to strengthen the nervous system. Maybe useful for muscular aches and pains, tired stiff muscles. Warming. Metabolic stimulant.  10ml.


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With 200mg Boswellic Acids per tablet

Size: 60 Tablets

Natures Way Boswellia. Boswellia is a traditional Ayurvedic herb derived from the gummy tree resin and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, to help support joint health and mobility. Improves blood circulation to inflamed joints and helps reduce joint inflammation and pain. Indicated for the treatment of Rheumatoid...


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Bromelain - 30 Capsules

Size: 30 Capsules

Source Naturals Bromelain.  Pineapple Enzyme. Bromelain is an enzyme from the pineapple plant which accelerates the breakdown of protein.  It is active in a wide pH range and can function in the acidic environment of the stomach.  Bromelain may also assist the body in its response to physical stress. 500mg per...

Collagen & Keratin Formula

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Collagen & Keratin Formula - 90 Capsules

Size: 90 Capsules

Marine Collagen and Keratin Formula from Younger Secrets combines 2 essential nutrients in the support of skin, nails and hair. Collagen, a protein produced naturally by the body (but which also depletes with age), is essential in forming strong muscles, skin, nails and hair. Keratin, a powerful antioxidant, helps strengthen ...

Collagen Bites Apricot

Qty/Price: More Info
Yummy NZ Made Collagen Bites

Size: 2 balls

Collagen Bites (Apricot) from Nothing Naughty. If you are looking for a way to boost your collagen intake, look no more. These New Zealand made collagen bites contain 5,000mg of hydrolysed bovine (cow) collagen. That's right, you read this correctly - a HUGE 5 grams of collagen in each treaty yummy fruit ball. You get 2...

Collagen Bites Berry

Qty/Price: More Info
Ten Grams of Hydrolysed Collagen per 2 pack

Size: 2 Balls

Berry Collagen Bites from Nothing Naughty. These New Zealand made collagen balls/bites make it so easy to consume a large amount of collagen every day, without having to swallow a handful of tablets. So if you need to increase your collagen intake because of a connective tissue injury, because you have arthritis, have a...

Collagen Type 2 Joint Complex

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Type 2 Collagen Complex

Size: 120 Capsules

Neocell Collagen Type 2 Joint Complex + Hyaluronic acid. Collagen Type 2 helps to hydrate your joints and contains Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin and Glucosamine. Ideal for those individuals suffering from joint issues and degenerative joint diseases. Collagen Type II is highly bio-available, with a natural anti-inflammatory and...

Complete Omega 237ml Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Qty/Price: More Info
Radiant Skin Positive Mood Flexible Joints

Size: 237 ml

Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Our customer service team will add 1 free for every bottle ordered

Nordic Naturals Complete Omega liquid.  Supports healthy skin, flexible joints and strong immune system. Complete Omega liquid is a non-concentrated formula that blends EPA and DHA from cold water fish with GLA from borage oil. This omega-rich blend supports cardiovascular health, brain function, positive mood, as well as...

Curcumin Phytosome featuring Meriva

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Curcumin For Its Natural Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Size: 180 Vegicaps

Doctors Best Curcumin Phytosome, featuring Meriva. Curcumin is the component in turmeric that offers the natural anti inflammatory effect. Curcumin has been widely researched and studies have shown that its anti inflammatory action can also be useful for digestive disorders including pain, spasms and nausea, as well as for...


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D-Flam - 60 Vegicaps

Size: 60 Vegicaps

Radiance D-Flam 100% Herbal Formula. Natural Inflammation Support. Inflammation is a localised protective response resulting from infection, injury or destruction of tissues. Modern living means we are all exposed to different inflammatory stressors on an ever increasing scale. Radiance Dflam, a 100% natural herbal formula,...

Deer Antler Velvet

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NZ Deer Antler Velvet

Size: 60 Capsules

Pure Vitality Natural Deer Velvet.  New Zealand Deer Velvet extract from pure vitality Deer Farms. Scientific research is now showing velvets benefits for supporting vitality and well being, joint and mobility support, immune system, strength and endurance, libido and performance, recovery from stress and injury and in...

DLPA 500mg

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DLPA 500mg - 50 Vegicaps

Size: 50 Vegicaps

DLPA is a powerful low-toxicity pain reliever due to its capacity to elevate the body's pain killing hormones endorphins. Endorphin deficiency is found in addictive withdrawal states (alcohol, drugs) & may help with panic attacks, anxiety & depression.

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