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Zone meal suggestions

The following meal suggestions will help you stay in the zone for positive weight control.

Menu Suggestions

The following meals can be interchanged.


A small salad or salad vegetables can be added to any of these breakfast meals. Porridge made with 1/3 cup oats & ½ cup trim milk with 2 scoops protein powder added 180 - 200 grams tin of salmon or tuna with a large mixed salad 200 grams fish, chicken breast or lean steak with 2 cups steamed vegetables or salad. Any fresh herbs can be added eg fresh basil or mint
1 cup bran based cereal. Add 100 grams of low fat acidophilus yoghurt with 2 scoops protein powder added Medium chicken breast or turkey meat (100 grams) with a large mixed salad A stir-fry made with onion, garlic, fresh ginger, broccoli, pre-cooked chicken or lean beef, sliced almonds. Add any other vegetables, such as sliced cabbage, celery, sliced carrots, watercress, snow peas
1 piece toast with avocado, sliced tomato. Boil or scramble 2 big eggs Steamed asparagus, broccoli & cauliflower, topped with heated cottage cheese. Protein shake made with 2 scoops protein powder and 200 ml water, trim milk, soy milk or almond milk 200 grams lean steak with a poached egg & a large salad. The steak could be accompanied by oysters or 3-4 prawns
An omelette made with 2 big eggs. Add ¼ cup of any mixture of chopped onions, shallots, chives, parsley, capsicum & tomato, etc. Add cheese if wanted 1 small bread roll filled with salmon, chicken or turkey, egg, feta cheese & salad. If still hungry, have 1/3 of an HPLC bar Omelette - 2 eggs with extras - capsicum, onion, tomato, low fat cheese, mixed herbs, chives - with a large salad
Protein shake made with 2 scoops protein powder with 200 ml water, trim milk, soy milk or almond milk. Add ¼ cup frozen free-flow berries & wizz in a blender. Other additions could be pure vanilla essence, tofu (makes this very thick & creamy - yum!) A small amount of low fat cheese melted on celery, carrot & capsicum sticks, topped with herbs. Grill or micro-wave. Plus a protein shake made with 2 scoops protein powder with 200 ml water, trim milk, soy milk or almond milk Stir-fry tofu with peanut butter, soy sauce & olive oil. Have on ½ cup rice, couscous or burghul wheat. Have with a large bowel of salad or stir-fried vegetables
2 rashers bacon, 1 or 2 eggs, 1 piece toast spread with avocado, a slice of tasty cheese with a small salad Greek salad made with lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, feta cheese or low fat cheese. Plus grilled chicken breast or grilled pork chop Fresh fish fillet coated in flour, lightly fried on one side. When just cooked half way through, turn over & add ½ cup fresh orange juice with 1 tbsp fresh mint. Cover & cook for a further minute. Serve with tomato, mushroom & onion
1/2 - 1 cup unsweetened berries (fresh or frozen) with 100 grams unsweetened acidophilus yoghurt & a protein shake made with 2 scoops protein powder with 200 ml water, trim milk, soy or almond milk Kebab made with chicken or turkey breast or sliced lamb. Fill with lettuce, tomato, finely chopped parsley &/or onion. Choose from the dressing suggestions 200 - 250 grams lean red meat (beef, venison or lamb) with 1 - 1 ½ cup steamed vegetables & 1 small kumara


You need to have a snack at around 10am and 3pm.

You could snack on any of these foods:

Almonds (6 - 8)
Any raw or steamed vegetables
Protein Bar (Ideal Health stock Low Carb & HPLC bars)
Low fat cottage cheese with lettuce, capsicum & tomato
A small amount of air-popped popcorn
2 scoops Premium Whey with 200 ml water & a small handful of frozen berries


You need to ensure you drink NO LESS than 2 litres water a day. This should be sipped consistently throughout the day. Lemon or lime juice (unsweetened) can be added to this
Diluted vegetable juice once a day
Tea or Coffee: NOT RECOMMENDED but if you choose to drink these, do not have for at least 1 hour after eating a meal, as the tannin & caffeine interferes with the absorption of nutrients from the food you have eaten
Herb Tea: Also contains tannins. Drink freely but avoid around meal times


2 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice plus chopped garlic
Add to the food processor ½ cup tomato paste, ½ an onion finely chopped, 1 clove garlic, 1 tbsp parsley, a good pinch of Celtic sea salt. Blend together
Add to the food processor 1 avocado, 1 clove garlic, juice of ½ lemon, 1 tsp ground coriander, a good pinch of Celtic sea salt. Blend together. Add water to get the desired consistency

These meal suggestions are a guideline only. People with a medical condition should seek the advice of their health care professional before making dietary changes.

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