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Sesame seeds are the best food source of calcium and also an excellent source of vitamin E. One tablespoon of tahini contains 120mg calcium. Here is the recipe for Tahini.


Put 1 or 2 cups of sesame seeds into a fry pan and toast them on a moderate heat until they are browned. You will need to stir them all the time to make sure they do not burn, as this will taint the whole flavour.

Once toasted, put the sesame seeds and a good handful of raw sunflower seeds into a food processor. Add some oil. It should ideally be cold pressed. You may want to add a little salt.

Grind, adding more oil if needed, until the seed mixture is the consistency of peanut butter.

Keep in the refrigerator.

I use tahini as a base for my salad dressings. Put 2 good tablespoons of Tahini into a container, add the juice of 1/2 a lemon and some Acidophilus yoghurt. Mix well, adding water until it is the desired consistency. I also add garlic and any fresh herbs. Add this to your favourite salad and yum, you have a delicious dressing high in calcium.

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