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Vegetable juices

Vegetable juices are a great way to alkalinise the body and allow it the opportunity to cleanse the blood, which is an ideal form of detoxification.

Vegetable Juices



One of the best juices for helping to build up the red blood cell count in anaemia & improve the blood generally.

Particularly beneficial to women suffering from menstrual disturbances. The juice from beet leaves have been found to have oestrogenic or hormonal properties & is used to increase fertility & to help women through menopause.

The minerals in beetroot juice make a splendid liver, kidney & gall bladder cleanser.

Too strong to be drunk on its own, except in very small quantities, but very palatable with other juices such as carrot. Don't forget to juice the green tops too!



A wonderful cleanser of the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract, cabbage juice is particularly good for treating stomach ulcers & constipation. Also good for clearing up gum infections.

The juice tends to cause gas because it breaks down putrefactive matter in the intestines (a good thing).

A strong tasting juice, which can be drunk on its own, but is more pleasant combined with other juices.



The benefits of carrot juice are incredible, ranging from a digestive aid, endocrine tonic, skin cleanser & eye conditioner to a solvent for ulcerous & even cancerous growths. It is helpful in fighting infection & calming the nervous system, while promoting vitality & a feeling of well-being.

This juice is recommended as an introduction to vegetable juices. Carrot juice may be taken in large quantities. It contains many vitamins, including large amounts of vitamin A. It makes the ideal mixer for other vegetable juices.



This juice is important for clearing away the dead wastes, which build up in & clog the tissues of the body, causing such conditions as arthritis, diabetes, coronary disease, varicose veins, kidney stones, etc.

Celery is particularly high in organic sodium, the companion to organic potassium & essential for maintaining the correct consistency of body fluids. It also contains organic calcium & other minerals, which help restore a balanced nervous system.

Good in combination with carrot juice. Together the two make a particularly well-balanced mineral drink. Juice the leafy tops too.



A superb natural diuretic, cucumber also promotes hair growth due to its high silicon & sulphur content.

It is a valuable blood pressure regulator due to its generous quantities of potassium & also alleviates rheumatism by flushing uric acid out of the system.

This juice has a fast action & is ideal for washing the system clean, particularly after eating an over salty meal. Good with carrot & beetroot.



All kinds of lettuce can be juiced & for that matter, all kinds of greens. Most are very high in iron, which is good as a blood builder. Also greens are rich in chlorophyll, which is exceptionally good for health.

Lettuce itself is a natural tranquilliser, good for soothing the stomach & a gentle diuretic.

It is best to juice the outer leaves, which are highest in chlorophyll. Often they are less tender & therefore not as nice for salads. Lettuce is good combined with other vegetables.



Although a herb, parsley juice taken in small amounts (1 or 2 tbsp) with other juices is highly beneficial. It is good for the adrenal & thyroid glands, for maintaining a healthy genito-urinary system & helping kidney problems & for treating eye disorders.

Should be taken in small amounts, as it is very potent. Best combined with carrot or carrot & celery.



Spinach has probably the best action of any vegetable juice on the entire digestive system. It not only cleanses & cures constipation, but helps to heal the lining of the entire tract, in particular the colon & small intestines.

Its action is primarily due to oxalic acid. Unlike the oxalic acids found in cooked spinach, which forms harmful crystals, organic oxalic acid stimulates peristalsis (wave-like contractions of the muscles in the gut). Thus spinach juice helps to speed up digestion, creating a fast transit time for food wastes.

Spinach juice can be rather strong on its own & is therefore best combined.



Exceptionally high in sulphur, watercress juice is a good intestinal cleanser & is helpful in combination with other juices, for anaemia, haemorrhoids & emphysema.

Should always be combined with other vegetables & very little should be used, as the juice is extremely bitter. Add a little to carrot & spinach juice.

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