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Blood type information

Blood type information

Some foods are beneficial to people of a certain blood type, while other foods are indifferent and still others are damaging.

Eating for your blood type...

There is an abundant and diverse family of proteins found in most foods, known as lectins. They help cells and organisms stick together and are part of the recognition process that enables our immune system to tell "self" from "non-self"- that is, to identify substances that are foreign to the body. These lectins are capable of reacting within the cell markers that give us our 'A/B/O' blood types.

Lectins can have good and bad reactions according to the blood type of a person - so some foods are beneficial to people of a certain type, while others are indifferent and still others are damaging (for instance, causing the red blood cells to stick together and impede circulation).

Consequently, it is possible to construct lists of foods for each blood type (O, A, B and AB) that fall into the three categories of beneficial, neutral and avoid.

A Blood Type...

Individuals tend to be healthier on a vegetarian diet and should avoid red meats and dairy foods.


Certain vegetables and fruits

O Blood Type...

These individuals tend to be healthier when consuming red meats and animal proteins. O's must avoid most grains and dairy foods.

B Blood Type...

These individuals are the only people who can safely consume certain dairy products. B's also do well on animal proteins, but should avoid grains.

AB Blood Type...

These individuals have the greatest tolerance to lectins, but must still avoid many meats and beans.

Note: This avoidance of certain foods applies to the general diet only. If a substance on the list is prescribed as a short-term remedy or medicine (e.g. some of the herbs), the therapeutic effect vastly outweighs the effect of the lectins in that substance, for the relatively short time that the remedy is consumed.

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