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Acid and alkaline forming foods

Acid & alkaline forming foods...

Science has divided foods, like chemicals, into two classes: Alkaline forming and Acid forming foods.

Your diet should have 80% alkaline forming foods...

If you eat over 80% alkaline foods, you preserve the normal alkalinity of the blood and will not need to think about diets. Your body will stay in balance and will adjust to its ideal weight. Acid forming foods need not be excluded entirely - but use them sensibly and in the correct balance, so they will supply the greatest good.

Other alkaline forming facts...

Rest and sleep are alkalinisers. So are exercise, fresh air, pleasure, laughter, good conversation, enjoyment - especially love!

Acid forming facts...

Acidifiers are worry, fear, anger, hatred, envy, selfishness and greed, so try to cleanse these out of your system as well.

ALKALINE FORMING FOODS (around 80% of your diet)

Apples Apricots Avocados Ripe Bananas All Berries
Cantaloupe Cherries Currants Dates All Melons
Grapes Mangoes Raisins Peaches Pears
Papaya Figs Olives (fresh) Lemons Grapefruit


Citrus Fruit: These are acidic, yet because of their high calcium content, they produce an alkaline effect during digestion. However, some people experience citrus fruit as acid and others as alkaline.

VEGETABLES - alkaline forming

Alfalfa Aubergine Green beans Lima beans Sprouted beans
Beets Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Celery
Cauliflower Chard Chicory Chives Cowslip
Cucumber Dandelion Leaf Dill Dulse Endive
Seaweed Mushrooms Lettuce Kale Parsnip
Potato Peppers Pumpkin Radish Swede
Sorrel Spinach Soybeans Squash Asparagus

*Asparagus can be experienced as acid by some people.

Dairy products - alkaline forming


Acidophilus yoghurt Buttermilk Milk (raw) Goats milk yoghurt Whey




Millet Fresh corn (for 24 hr after picking)


Agar Coffee substitutes Root ginger
Honey Kelp Molasses


Almonds Fresh coconut


 ACID FORMING FOODS (around 20% of your diet)


Citrus fruit Green bananas Cranberry
Plums Prunes Olives
All preserves Pickles & jellies Candied, sugared or glazed fruit


Dried beans Brussel sprouts Chickpeas Lentils
Onions Peanuts Rhubarb Tomatoes


Butter All cheese Cottage cheese Cream Ice cream Custard All milk (in any form - boiled, dried, pasteurised or canned)


All meat Chicken Fish Shellfish Gelatine Gravies


All flour Buckwheat Barley Bread Cakes
All biscuits Cornflakes Crackers Corn Cornmeal
Dumplings Noodles Pasta Oatmeal Doughnuts
Pies Pastries Rice Rhyvita


All Nuts, especially if roasted (except almonds) Dried coconut


All Alcohol Candy Cocoa Chocolate Coca-cola
Coffee Preservatives Condiments Sauces Vinegar
Ginger Aspirin Drugs Flavourings Marmalade
Soda water Cornflour Tobacco Dressings Eggs (especially whites)


Overwork Worry Tension Anger Jealousy
Resentment Lack of sleep



Mix lemon juice with 1 tsp cider vinegar. Add water & honey and drink. ________________________________________________________________________________


All cold pressed oils such as: Olive, Flax, Cotton Seed, Corn, Soy, Sesame etc.


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