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Aromatherapy Oils

The Dolphin Clinic offers a comprehensive range of essential oils with the following benefits.

Aromatherapy Oils

Oil of Lavender *
Dispels depression and creates a feeling of comfort. This oil is a good inhalant for relaxation, headaches, fainting, a soothing rub for rheumatism and arthritis; its calming effect can help to induce a restful sleep. Lavender is a natural antiseptic and can be used directly for relief of insect bites.

Oil of Bergamot #
This oil has a natural deodorizing effect, very effective against depression and anxiety, very positive and promotes confidence.

Oil of Cedarwood #
A good all round stimulant, good to get a sluggish system going.

Oil of Eucalyptus #
This oil has powerful healing properties. A good disinfectant and antiseptic, use as an inhalant to help respiratory conditions and diluted for relief of insect bites and sunburn.

Oil of Clove Bud #
One of the most effective forms of antiseptic known, good for flu and colds, will bring numbness if applied topically.

Oil of Tangerine *
Good as an antidepressant, uplifting, positive with a pleasant aroma.

Oil of Lemon #
Good for treating nausea and to stimulate appetite, good diluted for massage to aid circulation.

Oil of Peppermint #
When inhaled, may relieve nausea and respiratory problems, aids digestion, good to rid home of vermin and ants. Great for relieving tired feet.

Oil of Tea Tree *
A fresh scent is head clearing, anti-fungal, good for respiratory infections, natural insect repellent, vaporized is a good mosquito repellent, excellent for use on blemishes.

Oil of Thyme #
General tonic vaporized may assist the immune system and circulation, fights infection, strengthens emotions.

Oil of Ylang Ylang *
The sweet heady aroma can provide an aphrodisiac effect; it has restorative powers to relax the nervous system making it a good stress treatment.

Oil Of Clary Sage #
This oil has a marked relaxing effect, good to treat high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, also good for the female system.

Oil of Orange *
Has a good sedating effect, wonderful for helping to relieve depression and promoting a bright positive mood. A delightful aroma.

Oil of Citronella *
Renowned for keeping insects away.

Oil of Patchouli #
This strong, persistent aroma is a good moth repellent, vaporized it can have a calming effect on irritated nerves. Patchouli has a musky, sensual aroma with an earthy scent.

Oil of Rosemary #
Eases the aging process with a powerful aroma, effective inhalant and decongestant, this most stimulating of oils enhances memory and concentration.

Oil of Marjoram #
This strongly aromatic oil has a good effect on the female system. It has the strongest sedative properties of all oils, good to quieten heightened emotions and help treat insomnia.

Oil of Pine #
The clean fresh smell is stimulating on the circulation. A good rub diluted for muscular pain, uplifting when lethargic and listless.

Oil of Sage #
This oil has a calming and cooling effect, helps promote an appetite, eases headaches, good vaporized in a sick room to promote healing and purifying the air.

Oil of Geranium *
This good all round oil heightens emotions while balancing and toning the body. Refreshing and warming, this oil is good for massage, easing muscle fatigue. Relaxing and harmonising the body and mind.

Oil of Almond Carrier Oil *
An excellent diluting oil for mixing blends for massage.

Oil of Avocado Carrier Oil *
100% organic New Zealand grown avocados create this ideal carrier oil, which is suitable for use by pregnant woman and infants.

Always keep oils out of reach of children and check if the oil is safe to use directly on the skin or whether it should be diluted.

* These oils can be used in small doses while pregnant.

# These oils are not recommended for use during pregnancy

It is recommended to store oils in a dark coloured glass bottle, away from heat, light and moisture to prevent evaporation. Replace the cap tightly after use.

The Aromatherapy Company has four signature blends, which cover most aspects of modern day lifestyles.

A blend of Oil of Lavender and Oil of Neroli petals; this blend can help to dispel anxiety, clear the mind and maintain harmony.

Oil of Orange and Oil of Jasmine may strengthen the immune system, stimulate the circulation and refresh the body and mind.

Oil of Lavender, Oil of Rosemary and Oil of Tea Tree combine to strengthen the immune system and refresh and harmonise the body and mind.

Oil of Rose, Oil of Patchouli and Oil of Ylang Ylang can help arouse your senses with their aphrodisiac properties to stimulate and help you enjoy life.

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