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Multivite - why taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement is so essential?

Pollution, dietary habits and lifestyle factors make it difficult to receive all the nutrients you need from food alone. Therefore, a multivitamin and mineral formula should be included in everyone's diet to ensure valuable nutrients are not missed.

Why take a multivitamin and mineral supplement?

It is now well documented that all people need to take a multivitamin everyday to help provide them with their daily nutrient needs. There are many reasons why people need to take these, but some of the main factors that contribute to nutrient depletion are stress, strenuous exercise, alcohol, dieting, tea, coffee and cola drinks, processed foods, prescription drugs, illness, pregnancy, smoking, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, poor digestion, age & food additives.

A lot of people state that we should not need to take vitamin supplements, as we can get all we need from the food we are eating. In ideal circumstances this is the case, but in reality there are many reasons why you may need to take a vitamin and mineral supplement to help your body cope with today's living environment.

Some of the reasons for the necessity to take these can be attributed to soil depletion from over-worked lands, stress, an unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle choices and pollution.

Many of us, even those who feel that they eat well, do not eat a balanced diet. On average almost 40% of the calories we consume come from highly processed convenience or snack foods, which are rich in fat and refined sugar. These foods contain few of the vitamins and minerals we need. In fact, as the body processes certain 'junk' foods, important nutrients are lost and must be replaced from other sources.

No supplement can be used as a substitute for a good diet - yet a good diet is not always enough. Environmental and lifestyle stresses can sometimes increase the need for essential nutrients to a higher level than can be obtained from the diet. Long-term nutrient depletion can adversely affect health and vitality and also contribute to serious degenerative diseases. Every bodily function depends on energy producing chemical reactions in the cells.

Without adequate vitamins and minerals, as well as essential proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids, energy and vitality is reduced and deficiencies and illness may occur. Adequate nutritional intake has a large effect on your energy, health, vitality and longevity. In fact without proper nutrients, the body is unable to continue the biochemical and metabolic processes, which produce cellular energy.

Pollution, dietary habits and lifestyle factors make it difficult to receive all the nutrients you need from food alone. Therefore, a multivitamin and mineral formula should be included in everyone's diet to ensure valuable nutrients are not missed.

Leanne James took these things into consideration when she was formulating Multi-Vite and included therapeutic amounts of zinc and boron - 2 minerals that are particularly low in NZ soils. As well as this, she has used the most absorbable forms of minerals available, with added antioxidants and 25mg of most of the B Vitamins. These are all combined together to form this 1-a-day Multivitamin, specifically for both NZ male and females.

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