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Caffeine and tannin in Tea

What's in your cuppa?

Tannins interfere with iron absorption. Also, tannins or caffeine, if taken for up to 1 hour after eating a meal, can bind with minerals & vitamins, especially iron & calcium and eliminate these from the body.

At healthyonline, we recommend the range of Madura Teas - free of tannins, low-caffeine and organic!

A refreshing cup of tea...

There is sometimes nothing more reviving than a cup of tea, though in fact, it has little nutritional value. The stimulating effect of tea comes from the caffeine it contains; which can speed up the heart, increase alertness and help respiration by dilating the airways of the lungs.

A single cup of tea provides about 40mg of caffeine, which is more than twice the amount found in most cola drinks and about 2/3 the amount found in a cup of instant coffee.

So what about tannins?

The tannins in tea give it body, but can also interfere with iron absorption. When you take anything containing tannin into the body, inositol and biotin, which are both recognised as part of the B complex vitamins, may become deficient in the body. Being deficient in these, prevents iron from being properly used and causes other vitamins to be pumped through and out of the body before they can be properly absorbed.

As well as this, when we take anything containing tannin or caffeine into the body for up to 1 hour after eating a meal, it can act like a magnet and bind with minerals and vitamins, but particularly iron and calcium and eliminate these from the body.

Ideally you should not have beverages rich in tannin & caffeine for up to 1 hour after a meal.

Tea contains bioflavonoids...

Tea contains considerable levels of quercetin, one of the many naturally occurring chemical compounds that are known as bioflavonoids. Recent research shows that high intakes of bioflavonoids, which are strong antioxidants, are associated with a decreased risk of cancer and heart disease. As well as this, tea contains fluoride - 0.25mg per cup and manganese - 0.5mg per cup.

As you can see, tea does have some health benefits, however the binding effect of the tannin and caffeine to vitamins and minerals far outweighs any benefits it may have. Especially when you consider that the majority of people drink a cup of tea or coffee within 1 hour after eating a meal!

We love Madura Tea...

At Ideal Health and healthyonline we promote the use/consumption of Madura teas. Madura tea estates, the first commercial tea plantation in NSW Australia, tell us that all Madura tea, both green and black are grown using organic fertilisers and without the use of pesticides.

They state, "There are no known natural pests in Australia that specifically target the young shoots of the tea bush, necessitating the use of pesticides."

As well as this, all Madura teas are Naturally free of tannic acid and averaging 97% caffeine free. This is not because Madura have extracted this - it is due to their growing methods. Because of this, you can more confidently drink this delicious drink around meal times, without worrying so much about nutrient depletion.

How do they make Madura Tea?

Madura is Australia’s leading specialty tea producer, selling more than one million cups of tea each day to discerning and health-conscious Australian tea drinkers. The appreciation of their superior teas is spreading and each day they see new consumers from around the globe becoming Madura converts and ambassadors.

They tell us "We oversee every aspect of tea processing and production at our Murwillumbah tea plantation to guarantee the strictest quality control from plantation to tea pack.

Our estate tea is blended with the finest Ceylon and North Indian teas, to produce a consistently superior brew that is naturally low in caffeine and exceptional in flavour and aroma. We buy from certified Fair Trade estates and then only the freshest tea, grown in ideal climatic conditions, processed with care and free of contaminants.

Like wine, the taste, liquoring characteristics and appearance of tea from any one plantation is impacted by the variation in climatic patterns occurring each year. It is only through the masterful art of skilful blending as practised at Madura that these variations can be smoothed to produce a tea characterised by a consistent taste, aroma and liquor, pack after pack.

At Madura, we use clean, green production processes to harvest, transport, process, blend and pack our tea.

Every Madura tea blend is tasted by a panel for flavour, aroma and liquor to ensure its consistent, superior quality. And our tea is barrier-sealed to prevent contamination and guarantee freshness for a minimum of three years."

An outline of the Madura tea making process:

  1. Our tea is harvested during spring, summer and autumn when the very finest leaves and buds are plucked for processing
  2. The freshly cut leaves are left to wither in a controlled environment where cool air is circulated through the leaf
  3. The withered leaves are conveyed through a Rotorvane leaf processor and then passed through finely toothed stainless steel rollers which crush, tear and curl the leaves to rupture the leaf cells so that the full flavour of the tea will release when brewed
  4. The rolled and cut leaf particles are conveyed to oxidising trays and left for up to two hours, during which time the leaves change color and release their aroma
  5. The leaf is dried in a hot air drier to reduce moisture content to less than three percent, removing any risk of contamination and ensuring a long shelf-life
  6. When making green tea, the oxidation process is omitted and the cut leaf is transferred directly from the Rotorvane to the drier
  7. The dried tea leaves are cleaned and graded using vibrating screens, electrostatic rollers, sifters and windfall machines
  8. The smaller tea grades are used for teabags and the larger particles are used for leaf tea, with all dusts discarded
  9. Tea from the Madura plantation is blended with select imported teas to ensure consistent flavor, taste and aroma.

The Madura range:

The range includes:

Premium Blend - similar to a standard tea like Bell or Dilmah. This comes in 50 bags, 100 bags and 200 grams loose leaf.
English Breakfast - their breakfast tea
Earl Grey - the tea scented with bergamot
Green Tea - high in antioxidants. This comes in 50 bags, 100 bags and 200 gram loose leaf.
Green Tea with Paw Paw 50 bags

These can all be taken with or without milk.

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