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Lyprinol - a Green Lipped Mussel extract to assist with arthritis

This dark yellow oil has been found to have substantial anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effect. It may also be effective in treating tumours, particularly of the breast and prostate gland.


The media has brought this Green Lipped Mussel lipid extract to our attention in the treatment of cancer.

On Friday 30th July 1999, on the Holmes show, Susan Wood introduced the show stating that an extract from green-lipped mussels is being trialled for cancer treatment and has been shown to be 90% effective in treating tumours, particularly of the breast and prostate gland.

Australian researchers have discovered that this lipid kills cancer cells in the laboratory. They hope this natural extract has beaten scientists and drug companies around the world in the race to find a non-toxic chemical to stop cancer.

Its action against cancer was "stumbled" upon by Australian scientist, Dr Henry Betts, from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. He has shown that Lyprinol is a potent inhibitor of 2 cell pathways that cause inflammation in humans and animals. After reviewing medical research papers on cancer, Dr Betts found more than 600 references indicating that the same cell pathways were also involved in cancer.

One pathway, which produces a compound called 5-HETE, is responsible for cancer cell growth. The 2nd pathway - the "production factory" for 12-HETE, is responsible for the deadly spread of cancer cells. "Nearly every one of the 600-odd peer reviewed papers pleaded for someone to successfully develop a drug to inhibit these pathways, so that cancer could be attacked at these 2 stages", Dr Brett said. Time and time again, there was the same plea from researchers: "Somebody find a clinically critical inhibitor of these pathways and we will have something that can be used in the treatment of cancer". He ordered live cancer cells and began growing them, then treated them with various strengths of Lyprinol. He found that Lyprinol inhibited cancer. "We would see the cells proliferating and then see them stop." He said that he was 90% sure the extract would work in the body.

So what exactly is Lyprinol?

Lyprinol is a unique whole lipid extract from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, Perna canaliculus. This dark yellow oil has been found to have a substantial anti-inflammatory activity, with strong ultra-violet absorbing characteristics. Comprehensive studies have been carried out by Dr Michael Whitehouse in the Department of Medicine, Princess Alexandra Hospital, the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, on Lyprinol to test for its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effect. He compared the effectiveness of Lyprinol with other commonly available anti inflammatory and anti-arthritic compounds. These studies showed that Lyprinol reduced swelling by 93-97% when delivered orally. Further studies of the transdermal route for delivery, clearly demonstrated that Lyprinol, at a dosage of 25mg/kg of body weight, could totally inhibit the swelling associated with polyarthritis.

We are not saying that taking a Lyprinol supplement will "cure" your cancer, but to quote Dr Henry Betts, Australian scientist, "If I was diagnosed with cancer, I would take as much Lyprinol as I could hold down."

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