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Guarana, an energy booster

Guarana provides an invigorating energy boost for anyone feeling physically or mentally run down. It is particularly useful when sustained periods of energy, alertness & concentration are required.

What is Guarana?

Guarana is a relatively new herb to the western world, but for thousands of years the Amazonian Indians have enjoyed a drink made from the seeds as a tonic and a stimulant.

Anyone who is concerned about the destruction of the Amazonian rainforests should take a special interest in Guarana. Scientists agree that the best way to stop the clearing of the forest, is to make the forests themselves economically viable. Many others are now working to find new medicines and foods from the rainforests, which will provide an income for local communities. Guarana, which is a kind of a tropical vine, is now an important economic resource for the native Amazonian.

Some controversy still exists about the active principles of Guarana. While most scientists agree that it contains considerable amounts of caffeine, others maintain that the main active component is guaranine, which is related to caffeine.

Whereas caffeine provides a short-lived energy burst and overheats and excites the body, guaranine has a cooling action, which revitalises and relaxes. While Guarana does contain considerable quantities of caffeine, its action is not like caffeine from coffee or tea. This is because Guarana contains other components such as saponins, glycosides and condensed tannins, which modify the activity of the caffeine. The end result is something, which is much more beneficial to the body than tea or coffee, but Guarana will still cause caffeine side effects if you have too much.

Energy boost

Guarana provides an excellent energy boost for anyone feeling physically or mentally run down. It is particularly useful when sustained periods of energy, alertness and concentration are required, such as studying, driving or partying.

Hot weather

Guarana is said to be cooling and the people of tropical Brazil prize its use as a refreshing, invigorating beverage. It seems to help the adjustment to hot weather.

Weight loss

When Guarana is combined with other herbs, such as cayenne &/or ginseng, which boost the metabolism, it is a valuable part of any weight loss regime. The sense of well-being, which it creates, blunts the appetite and the stimulating action increases energy metabolism.


The native Amazonians believe that Guarana increases fertility and some users claim that it has aphrodisiac properties. Whether this is a consequence of the increased energy, or a more direct effect, is not known. However, a scientific study revealed that a relative of Guarana had male hormone activities.

Use and contraindications

The recommended daily dosage of Guarana is about 1,250 mg. Best results come with continuous use over a 1 to 2 week period.

Guarana should be avoided during pregnancy and by people with heart problems. You should discontinue use if over-stimulation occurs. If you are intolerant to caffeine, do not try this herb.

Ideal Health stocks 2 different guarana products - Guarana Ginseng and Guarana Vials.

Each capsule of Guarana Ginseng contains 2000mg of Guarana and 1000mg of Korean Ginseng and 1000mg of Siberian Ginseng. This is a good product that can be taken each day, if needed.

Each Guarana vial contains a whopping 5,000mg of guarana. This product is better suited for recreational use. For more information on which product would best suit you, just ask.

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