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Fish oils, garlic and antioxidants for the prevention & treatment of cardiovascular disease

A high potency antioxidant, combining fish oil, mixed tocopherols & carotenoids with selenium & garlic for true synergistic antioxidant protection. These nutrients assist in reducing atherosclerosis, maintaining peripheral circulation & capillary function

Fish oils, garlic & antioxidants

These nutrients, in combination with vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, form one of the best possible formulae for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

They assist in reducing atherosclerosis, improving blood flow characteristics ('rheology'), thereby maintaining healthy peripheral circulation and capillary function.

All major risk factors are addressed:

(1) Fish oil and garlic reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and fibrinogen
(2) B6, B12 and folate reduce blood homocysteine levels
(3) Many of the constituents protect and repair the vascular endothelium
(4) The parsley oil will neutralise any residual garlic odour

Herbs and nutrients that may assist

Fish oil (50% EPA/DHA)
Mixed tocopherols (alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherol)
Dunaliella salina cell extract (containing mixed carotenoids, including alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin and lutein)
Garlic oil
Parsley oil
Folic acid

Dosage: 2-6 capsules daily

Clinical applications

Cardiovascular disease:

Cerebrovascular insufficiency
Elevated blood lipids (triglycerides and cholesterol)
Elevated LDL:HDL ratio
Intermittent claudication
Myocardial infarction
Re-stenosis following angioplasty
Vascular (senile) dementia
Alzheimer's dementia

Scientific research

Mixed tocopherols/carotenoids: While alpha-tocopherol and beta-carotene are acknowledged to have the highest biological activity, the synergy of the mixed forms confers a broader antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity than the isolated nutrients.

Vitamin E occurs naturally as a mixture of four tocopherols: alpha, beta, gamma and delta. The synergy of these mixed tocopherols produces far broader and superior therapeutic activity over a single tocopherol concentrate. While alpha-tocopherol is considered the most bioactive of the vitamin E family, supplementation of this alone has been shown to inhibit absorption of gamma-tocopherol.

Gamma-tocopherol is a potent quencher of the highly damaging free radical peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite has been implicated in the oxidative damage of the vascular endothelium, which plays a central role in the development of atherosclerosis and the maintenance of vasodilation. Consequently both alpha- and gamma- forms are now acknowledged to be necessary for maximal antioxidant protection and it is probable that similar properties will eventually be found for the other tocopherols.

When combined with additional d-alpha tocopherol to boost activity, the tocopherol family excels in the treatment of excessive oxidation, inflammation and cardiovascular dysfunction.

Carotenoids are a family of more than 700 naturally occurring yellow, red and orange pigments found in vegetables and fruits (also specific carotenoids have been identified in bird feathers and crustaceans). Carotenoids are always present in photosynthetic plant tissues, being accessory pigments for chlorophyll, and high quantities are also found in other plant tissues.

The importance of mixed carotenoids

There are two major groups of carotenoids:

Carotenes: Include alpha-, beta-, gamma-carotenes and lycopene
Xanthophylls: Include lutein and zeaxanthin

Xanthophylls compete with carotenes (the other class of carotenoids) for absorption into the body and carotenes conversely compete with xanthophylls for absorption, therefore consumers should always attempt to consume both classes of carotenoids in balance.

Alpha-carotene protects against many forms of cancer. In fact it is more potent in reducing the risk of some forms of cancer than beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene has been found to concentrate in the heart. It helps to prevent atherosclerosis and reduces the area of atherosclerotic lesions in the heart. Supplementation can reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes by up to 50%.

Gamma-carotene can deactivate singlet oxygen free radicals approximately twice as effectively as beta-carotene.

The carotenoid lycopene is the most effective quencher of singlet oxygen free radicals yet discovered. It is over twenty times as effective as beta-carotene and 100 times more effective than Vitamin E.

The xanthophyll astaxanthin quenches hydroxyl, peroxyl and singlet oxygen free radicals. It is more potent at quenching singlet oxygen than beta-carotene but not as potent as lycopene or gamma-carotene.

Other xanthophylls, lutein and zeaxanthin, are especially effective in preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Crocetin, a xanthophyll, alleviates atherosclerosis and improves oxygen transport in the blood.

Selenium has a general cardio-protective action. Deficiency has been known to cause cardiomyopathy. It helps to prevent atherosclerosis - most atherosclerosis patients are found to have low selenium levels. Selenium alleviates the chest pain associated with angina. Supplementation of 50-100 mcg per day reduces hypertension by influencing the production of prostaglandins and by preventing cadmium from raising blood pressure. Selenium helps to prevent abnormal blood clotting by facilitating the production of prostacyclin. It appears to help to prevent heart attack - supplemental selenium (100 mcg per day) is strongly recommended as a means of preventing further (possibly lethal) heart attacks in persons who have already had one. It has been found to protect against stroke.

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