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Looking for a natural energy booster with the added cleansing power of chlorophyll?

Chlorella is an algae that is five times more potent than Spirulina with added blood building & purifying properties. It is a high protein food, full of essential vitamins & minerals to improve healing, detoxification & immune response.

Chlorella.....five times more potent than Spirulina

"A micro-algae, similar to Spirulina, Chlorella has similar properties to Spirulina, but is 5 times more potent. As well as this, its healing and cleansing capabilities are amazing. Taking Chlorella gives my body the many needed vitamins and minerals and other important nutrients it needs to stay healthy, alert and to have more energy. As a health practitioner, I come into contact with sick people every day. I can't remember the last time I was sick and I credit my good health to taking Chlorella every day." Leanne James

What are algae?

Algae are plants without roots, stems, branches or leaves. They carry out all their functions, including reproduction, at a cellular level. Algae are the simplest of green living organisms. Most algae grow in water, ranging in size from 150 feet long to microscopic single celled forms. When we look in a pond, the green film we see is masses of microscopic algae floating on the surface of the water. We are more familiar with seaweed, which is a larger form of algae found in seawater.

Chlorella is a high protein food. In fact, over 50% of chlorella is protein. This makes Chlorella ideal as a primary protein food for individuals not receiving a protein rich diet.

In 1950, the Carnegie Institute carried out investigations into Chlorella and they concluded that Chlorella would be valuable in helping to solve world food problems because of its exceptionally high nutritional content. They concluded that the genetic structure of Chlorella has remained unchanged for over 2 billion years. Scientists say that single celled algae, like Chlorella, were among the first forms of life to develop on this planet.

What's so good about Chlorella?

It is the highest known source of natural chlorophyll. This is the green part of plants and is one of the most effective cleansing substances available from the plant kingdom. It assists in building up the blood stream and purifying the body systems. Before the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics, Chlorophyll was used by many doctors to help speed up the recovery in patients who were not healing as fast as expected or those who had developed infections.

Chlorella contains an abundance of the naturally occurring antioxidant Beta Carotene. It contains 19 amino acids and 20 different vitamins and minerals, including B12, iron, iodine and zinc.

As well as this, taking Chlorella helps to detoxify the liver and the blood stream, at the same time as feeding the friendly bowel flora. As Chlorella begins to detoxify the bowel, it soothes irritated tissues along the bowel wall. This makes it exceptionally valuable for anyone suffering from any kind of bowel problems, including ulceration, constipation and diarrhoea.

Studies have shown the improved immune systems and healing capabilities of people taking Chlorella.

It is suitable for everyone from children to pregnant women, sick and older people. It is something everyone should include in their supplement regime.

Who would benefit from taking Chlorella?

Chlorella is a fantastic supplement to give to children. A study was carried out at the University of Nagasaki, in which 676 children were given 30mg of Chlorella for 100 days. These children averaged greater height and weight than the control group of children. It also reported that the children taking Chlorella were mentally quicker and more alert then those not taking it. So if you feel your children could do with a boost, then Chlorella should be the supplement you choose for them.

Chlorella also has the ability to remove toxic materials, such as heavy metals, from the body, such as lead and mercury. It will also detoxify the body of pollutant chemicals that we can absorb every day from pollution in the environment.

Each Solgar Chlorella capsule contains 520mg of chlorella, equating to 0.52 grams

Protein Comparison (per 100 gm)

Chlorella 58 g
Beef 24-27g
Chicken 24g
Fish 18-29g
Eggs 13g
Wheat 13g
Rice 3g
Potato 3g

Nutrient Composition of Chlorella (%)

Moisture 4.6
Protein 58.4
Fat 9.3
Carbohydrate 23.2
Crude Fibre 0.3
Ash 4.2
Chlorophyll 1.7
Calories 411 cal/100g

Amino Acid Content (%)

Arginine 3.3
*Lysine 3.1
Histidine 1.1
*Phenylalanine 2.8
*Leucine 4.7
*Isoleucine 2.3
*Methionine 1.3
Valine 3.2
Alanine 4.3
Glycine 3.1
Proline 2.5
Glutamic Acid 5.8
Serine 2.0
*Threonine 2.4
Aspartic Acid 4.7
*Tryptophan 0.5
Others 11.4

Vitamins (in mg per 100 gm)

A 51.3 IU
B1 1.7
B2 4.3
B6 1.4
B12* 0.13
C 10.4
E less than 1.5
Niacin (B3) 23.8
Pantothenic Acid (B5) 0.2
Biotin 0.2
Inositol 132
Folic Acid 0.09

* Daily intake of 3 gm of Chlorella provides 4 mcg of vitamin B12, 70% of the US RDA

Minerals (in mg per 100 gm)

Calcium 221
Magnesium 315
Iron 130
Zinc 71
Phosphorus 895
Iodine 0.4
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