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Beet root - liver and kidney cleanser

Belonging to the same family as chard and spinach, Beetroot (also known as Beets) is a popular table vegetable and nutritional supplement, especially in Northern Europe. It is rich in vitamins & minerals, especially an easy to assimilate form of iron.

The Greeks held beets in great esteem, offering it on a silver platter to the god, Apollo. Even in the middle ages, a meal was not considered complete without beetroot soup. Beet Root is one of the greatest and longest valued of all plants that heal traditionally.

Beet Root is suitable for anaemia, toning and rebuilding the liver, as well as beneficial for slimming and fat digestion.

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What vitamins & minerals does Beet Root contain?

Beetroot is a rich source of potent antioxidants and nutrients, including magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, vitamins A & C, B vitamins (including folate) and the green leaves have a higher content of iron than spinach.

In North America, beet powder is best known for its moderate to good content of assimilable minerals and vitamins. There is 0.8 mg of iron, 335 mg of potassium and 25 mg of magnesium per 100 mg of beetroot.

Interestingly, the red-purple pigment in the beetroot is betacyanin. This antioxidant helps support detoxification in your liver. Beetroot extract is also used as a food colouring and has the E-number E162.

Benefits of Beet Root Juice - a splendid liver and kidney cleanser, full of nutrients and iron

It is a great health supplement suitable for anaemia, toning and rebuilding the liver, as well as beneficial for slimming and fat digestion as well as detoxing. The iron in beets regenerates and reactivates the red blood cells and supplies fresh oxygen to the body. The copper content in beets helps make the iron more available to the body.

Beet Root and Slimming...

Beetroot is remarkably beneficial for slimmers. Leslie Kenton, a leading nutritionist, writes in her book "Ultra Life" that beetroot contains the alkaloid betaine, which helps stimulate normal liver function, aiding detoxification and increasing its efficiency in processing fats.

Unless your liver is working properly, fat cannot be effectively broken down and transported through the body for use and elimination. A poorly functioning liver can result in fatigue, nausea, illness and overweight.

Beet Root and Detoxification...

Red Beet Root acts as a splendid organic cleanser, not only of the liver, but also of the kidneys and gall bladder. So Beet Root is helpful as a living cleansing diet or as a liver cleansing foods.

What else may Beetroot help with?  

Lymphatic Support - Beetroot may stimulate the activity of the lymphatic system for coughs, colds and bronchial disorders.

Blood Pressure - Studies have shown that Beetroot juice can help lower blood pressure and could therefore help prevent cardiovascular problems. This effect on blood pressure is attributed to the high nitrate content of the beetroot. One study on Beet Root also found it may have a blood sugar stabilising effect.

Constipation - The cellulose content in Beet Root helps to ease bowel movements. Drinking beet juice regularly will help relieve chronic constipation.

Gout - Another ailment that can be greatly helped by the cleansing that beets have to offer.

Varicose veins - In similar ways that it helps to keep the elasticity of arteries, regular consumption of beets juice may also helps prevent varicose veins.


The digestion of fats
Gall bladder infections
Digestive problems
Toning and rebuilding the liver.

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