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Vitis, a powerful antioxidant derived from grape seeds

Vitus is a natural extract of red grape seeds that delivers antioxidant power without the alcohol of red wine.

The French paradox

Scientists have long been intrigued by the phenomenon known as the French paradox: The French diet is laden with saturated fat and cholesterol, yet the French have the lowest rate of heart disease of any westernised society - nearly half that of the US.

So what's the French's secret?

Some medical researchers believe that the answer can be found in the red wine they drink. Specifically, the biologically active flavonoids concentrated inside the grape seeds. Studies show that grape seed flavonoids contain some of the most powerful antioxidants yet discovered. In fact, some experts believe that this explains why the purported health benefits of red wine are greater than white, since red wine is fermented with the seeds while white wine is not.

What is Vitis?

Inspired by the research behind the French paradox, Vitis is a natural extract of red grape seeds that delivers the antioxidant power of these flavonoids, without the alcohol of red wine.

Vitis - the power to stay healthy?

Scientists now know that our bodies are under constant attack by free radicals, which can destroy cell membrane molecules and damage DNA. These highly reactive molecules, free radicals, are produced by exercise, smoking, exposure to toxic chemicals and excess sunlight and even by the body's normal process of metabolising the air we breath and the foods we eat. Many scientists believe that free radicals may be a root cause of many chronic and degenerative diseases, including certain types of cancer, cataracts and heart disease, as well as the aging process.

Is Vitis a better antioxidant than the vitamins E, C & beta-carotene?

While Vitamins E, C and beta-carotene have proven to be powerful antioxidants, recent university studies show that the antioxidant activity of Vitis is significantly greater than that of vitamins E, C and beta-carotene. This means that Vitis may be a more effective aid in helping the body fight free radicals and maintain a healthier, active life.

What health problems can an antioxidant like Vitis help with?

Research has shown that biologically active flavonoids, such as is found in Vitis, appear to help maintain normal blood platelet function. These flavonoids help reduce blood platelet stickiness, allowing blood to flow more smoothly through the vessels, thereby helping to maintain proper cardiovascular health. As well as this, taking Vitis regularly has been shown to help prevent cancer, cataracts and heart disease, as well as slowing down the aging process.

Who should take Vitis?

Anyone would benefit from taking this product, but particularly those who are interested in living a longer, healthier life or those who are already suffering from illness.

At Ideal Health we stock Vitis in a 100 capsule count.

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