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Herb teas

Herbal teas are a simple and effective way to use the therapuetic properties of plants to address any health complaints you may have.

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Herb teas for specific ailments

Beneficial for:

Indigestion / stomach ache
Peppermint, caraway, dill, fennel, aniseed, lemon grass, lemon balm, sweet cicely, ginger, cat nip, chamomile, koromiko

Diuretics for weight loss and for kidneys
Celery seed, marshmallow, dandelion, couch grass, golden rod, agrimony, parsley, juniper, chickweed, fenugreek, dandelion

Agrimony, mugwort, angelica, dandelion, bee pollen, garlic

Infection / colds
Rose hip, coltsfoot, comfrey, aniseed, horehound, liquorice, sage, cayenne pepper, lemon grass, bee pollen, propolis, echinacea

Diaphoretic for producing sweat and reducing fever
Lime/linden, peppermint, elderflower, yarrow, lemon balm, catnip, chamomile

Sleep inducing / calming the nerves
Chamomile, hops, lime, skullcap, orange blossom, passionflower, red clover, valerian, catnip

As a tonic
Nettle, mint, ginseng, rosemary, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry leaf, licorice root, kelp, gotu kola, bee pollen

Skin disorders
Celandine, golden rod, St Johns wort, red clover, comfrey, aloe vera, plantain, witch hazel

Some of the most commonly found and best tasting herb teas are:
Peppermint, rosehip, jasmine, orange blossom, chamomile, fennel,lime or linden blossom, golden rod, lemon verbena, hibiscus & lemon grass

To make herb tea, you will need a tablespoon of dried herbs to make 2 cups. Steep the herbs for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring to extract the full flavours.

Important: Seek professional advice from an Herbalist before using herbs and other plants from your garden to make herb teas.

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