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Tired and Lacking Energy?

Stress, work, and family demands all deplete your body of the nutrients you need to perform. Discover Multi-Power, a comprehensive multi-vitamin, with herbs and digestive enzymes.

Not all vitamin and mineral supplements are the same...

Many miss out on vital ingredients. Multi-Power is a comprehensive multi-vitamin and multi-mineral with herbs and digestive enzymes, all in a green food base containing alfalfa, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina. Multi-Power is the only multi to include a herbal formula, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements PLUS a 'green food' base, all in one tablet.

We need our vitamins, along with other supplemental nutrients, levels of which even the healthiest diet cannot always provide. Unfortunately, with so many choices, many people end up lost in a world of confusion.

There are several quality indicators you can currently rely on. A good place to start is to check what it doesn't have. For example is it free of potential allergens such as yeast, salt, sugar, starch, wheat and diary products. Does it contain artificial colours and sweeteners.

Many people add a multi-vitamin to the shopping cart at the supermarket without even checking the ingredients. Usually these have very low levels of nutrients and a limited range of ingredients making them cheaper and far less effective than a health food store brands.

A high quality multi-vitamin/mineral serves as a foundation for good health. This does not mean that a deficiency will occur in the absence of the supplement, but given the enormous potential for individual differences from person to person and the varied interactions of vitamins and minerals, supplementation with a multiple formula seems to make sense.

It is worth considering that prescription medications such as the oral contraceptive pill, antacids, antibiotics, diuretics, laxatives and anti-inflammatories lead to depletion of vitamin levels in the body.

A modern multiple formula such as Radiance Multi-Power will not only contain a full range of vitamins and minerals but also herbs, nutrients and digestive enzymes. This is a unique formula with a green food base consisting of Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Spirulina and Chlorella. Women of child-bearing age and pregnant will also reap the benefits of the maximum allowable dose of Folic Acid.

Radiance Multi-Power appears to be one of the very few 'multi's' where you can actually feel the difference.

With a high quality multiple people often experience higher energy levels, improved brain function, fewer colds and infections and other health benefits. There is also evidence that people taking nutritional supplements may have a lowered risk for heart disease and cancer.

Stress, work pressures, family demands, illness and other problems deplete the body of the daily nutrients it needs to perform properly. 'Tired all the time', irritability and sluggishness are signs of a lack of these nutrients. Multi-Power has been specifically formulated in response to lifestyle pressures that are now part of every day living.

This balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients has been developed by qualified nutritionists and naturopaths for ease of assimilation and effectiveness. A powerful formula to help balance the diet. This combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients has been developed for ease of assimilation and effectiveness. A one a day powerful formula, to help balance the diet and give you extra energy.

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