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Worms outrank even cancer as the human race's deadliest enemy!

According to the World Health Organisation, every fourth person is infected by worms & if one were to add worms picked up in the tropics, including hook & whipworm, then possibly every third person has parasites.  

These parasites range in size from microscopic single-celled creatures to 24 ft (7.3 m) tapeworms. Some people treated for parasites are quite stunned to see worms come out of themselves during a thorough bowel cleanse, even though they never displayed any of the usual symptoms.

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Common symptoms of worms...

  • Anal irritation
  • Dry lips during the day and wet at night
  • A little pool of spit dribbled onto the pillow at night
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irritability
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Frequent colds
  • Anaemia
  • Sudden loss of weight
  • Weakness and lassitude


As well as tapeworms, roundworms and threadworms, there are also hookworms floating around in a variety of unpleasant places, eager to crawl into a comfortable and nourishing body.

You can ingest them by eating unwashed foods that have been grown on soil fertilised with manure that has not been properly composted.

Soil in China and other parts of the 3rd world is fertilised with human excreta.

Roundworms, if left to breed, produce about 200,000 eggs each day and they may become entangled in the intestines, blocking various organs and ducts.

How to avoid worms...

(1) Always wash your hands after going to the toilet

(2) Do not eat anything that has been composted in human faeces

(3) Always wash all vegetables.

(4) Do not allow dogs to lick the face or hands.

(5) Field mice can be infected by excrement from dogs and this in turn can be transmitted to cats and from these to humans. The larvae of echinococcus can form small blister-like swellings in the human liver, as well as attacking the intestine. So do not allow cats that are infested with worms to sleep on the bed.


Tapeworms are acquired from poorly prepared pork and from uncooked fish. They are the most difficult worms to get rid of and linger in the colon, slightly lowering iron absorption year by year, but rarely going far enough to be fatal (obviously a parasite that actually killed its host would be rather self defeating). Tapeworms can induce a particularly severe from of anaemia.


Hookworms tend to occur in tropical countries and are picked up by people walking barefoot in areas where faeces have been excreted from pigs, dogs, cattle and humans. As with tapeworms, hookworms primarily cause anaemia but they can also lead to respiratory problems, nausea and diarrhoea.


Threadworms are the most common worm infestation and 65% of British children are known to be infected with them at some time or another. They are spread by inhaling or ingesting the eggs and the female creeps out of the anus at night to lay her eggs externally. If the anus is then scratched, the eggs lodge under the fingernails and can be passed on.

A single female is capable of laying 10,000 eggs, which can mature in 2 weeks. They can produce symptoms, which appear to be like appendicitis. As with all parasitic infestation, threadworms develop best if the vitality is low and the diet is poor, particularly if it is rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar and low in fibre.

Worms particularly dislike the following foods...


Pumpkin seeds

Getting rid of tapeworms and roundworms...

Begin by eating all the foods that worms hate, together with other foods of course and take 2 Wormwood capsules in the morning and at night for 3 days. On the forth day take an herbal laxative, such as Cascara or Senna.

To assist tapeworm evacuation (& I know this sounds hilarious), sit on a bucket with some warm milk in it when it is time to empty the bowel. Cold air stops the tapeworm from leaving and warm air entices it out. It is vital to ensure that the head with its digestive suckers, which look like 2 big eyes emerges, so inspect the contents of the bucket afterwards.

Threadworms can be treated with...

(1) Garlic enemas or

(2) A peeled clove of garlic, with the inner skin still left unbroken, inserted directly into the anus at night or

(3) Rub garlic oil externally around the anus


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