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Smoking and Quitting Smoking

Smoking and your health...

The risks of smoking are well known and numerous. From cancer, heart disease to fertility problems, smoking effects every part of your body.

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Smoking and your fertility…

Studies have shown that smoking can reduce fertility in both men and women (although the exact reasons why are still unknown). There is also an increased risk that pregnancies are more likely to go wrong if the mother is exposed to smoke (either her own or her partner's).

Smoking and your unborn baby…

Nicotine will restrict your unborn baby’s oxygen supply by constricting the blood vessels in the uterus and umbilical cord. Babies of smoking mothers are often smaller as they have less oxygen to grow and develop. They are also more likely to be either premature or stillborn.

In addition, these babies have worse immune systems, making them more susceptible to many diseases in early childhood, such as middle ear inflammations and asthmatic bronchitis.

Of course, you may not find out you’re pregnant for a few weeks (or even months). Much of the damage can be undone if you quit smoking as soon as you find out. Two months of smoke are better than nine months!

Smoking and your increased cancer risks…

The association of smoking with cancer goes far beyond just lung cancer. Smokers are at greater risk of developing cancer of the mouth, lip, throat and other areas in direct contact with the smoke. Studies have also shown that smokers have higher rates of cancer of the bladder, pancreas, stomach and kidney as well.

Smoking and your increased risk of heart disease…

The biggest smoking-related killer is heart disease. The toxins in cigarettes harden artery walls by scarring and thickening them. Combined with the development of blood clots, this can block arteries and cause heart attacks.

It's never too late to stop smoking…

These risks accrue with every year that you smoke, but as soon as you quit they start to decrease as as the damage to their body is repaired. A year after quitting, the risk of contracting heart disease is half that of a continuing smoker.

It’s time to quit smoking…

No matter how long you have been smoking or how old you are, you will see health improvements as soon as you stop e.g. an improved sense of taste and smell. As well as this, you should very quickly notice the increase in cash you have at hand, now you are no longer paying for cigarettes or tobacco.

Withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking…

You will probably experience a number of withdrawal symptoms that will peak within the first week after you stop smoking and last  for up to 2–4 weeks. Some of these symptoms may include: Anger, anxiety, irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, impatience, insomnia and restlessness.  Some people take up other habits when they quit smoking, to keep their hands and mind busy.  This could include a new hobby, gardening, reading or writing.  Some people notice they develop a better appetite and start eating more.  This is fine, so long as they are healthy choices. 

Natural remedies to help you quit smoking…

There are natural and herbal remedies to help support you during the quitting process. These can help to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce the urge to smoke, while supporting your body in maintaining good health during the process.  Many people use hypnotherapy to help them to stop smoking and many do find this to be very effective. Others purchase one of Allen Carrs numerous books on how to stop smoking, such as Stop Smoking Now Without Gaining Weight.

Quit smoke program…

A natural non-habit forming program to help smokers give up a cigarette smoking habit without the use of drugs.  The NaturoPharm Quit Smoke is an effective homeopathic combination which includes a Craving tablet and a Withdrawal Spray.  The spray is used three times a day to help your body with the physical withdrawal symptoms, while the Craving tablet is sucked each time you feel like a cigarette.  We have many customers at Ideal Health who have told us how very well this combination has worked for them, while their body was withdrawing from the affects of nicotine.

Cravings Relief…

Martin & Pleasance Cravings Relief is another homeopathic preparation formulated specifically for helping with a variety of cravings, including those caused by a withdrawal from nicotine.  Homoeopathic formulations stimulate the body's own ability to assist in restoring natural equilibrium and health.

Nicotine-free Herbal Cigarettes…

Herbal cigarettes that contain no nicotine are ideal for those who are giving up smoking. They look exactly like real cigarettes. These herbal cigarettes also have a blend of beneficial herbs for supporting the respiratory system and lung health.  The variety include De Luxe Herbal Cigarettes, Ginseng Herbal Cigarettes, Menthol Herbal Cigarettes, and Special Herbal Cigarettes. We also have rolling tobacco Honeyrose Special Tobacco and Honeyrose Farmers Blend. These nicotine free smoking options are very helpful for those people over the age of 18, who would like to give up smoking cigarettes.  Honeyrose offer a simple plan to help you reduce your nicotine cigarettes, while using the Honeyrose herbal cigarettes as you wean off.  After two weeks, you wean off the Honeyrose and are then cigarette free. Many of our customers continue to use Honeyrose for those times when they know they may "slip up" - like when out drinking socially with friends. If they have a packet of Honeyrose herbal cigarettes in their bag, they know they are not going to be tempted. Be aware that the Honeyrose herbal cigarettes do contain tar, with the Ginseng having the strongest level, followed by Deluxe, Menthol and Special.

Vitamin support while you are quitting smoking…

You can help your body through this withdrawal time, by eating as healthy a diet as you can.  Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in antioxidants.  You can easily identify these, as they are the ones with a brightly coloured skin or flesh.  Consuming a wide variety of these will help to supply an assortment of antioxidant rich nutrients which the body can use to help with the elimination of the toxins accumulated from the cigarette use, as well as starting with the repair of the damaged tissue. 

You can boost this supply by taking antioxidant rich supplements such as Vitamin C with Hesperidin, Complete Antioxidant, Astazan, Acai Supreme Antioxidant, Enzogenol, Resveratrol and Lutein. You can read more about the benefits of antioxidants here

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