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Eczema & Eczema Treatment

What is Eczema?

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin marked by red, itchy patches, often with blistering, crusting and scaling. This may be caused by many different factors, such as an allergy, sensitivity to certain drugs, high levels of toxicity in the bloodstream or conditions of inadequate blood supply to the skin (varicose eczema).

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Treatment of Eczema includes:

  • Identifying and removing the cause, if possible
  • Applications to relieve the itch
  • Use of creams to reduce inflammation
  • The probiotic L. rhamnosus LGG has been shown it can reduce the symptoms of eczema
  • Herbal blood purifiers are also indicated, as this condition usually relates to poor elimination
  • Vitamins A & C together with the B complex vitamins may all be helpful in the prevention and healing of eczema.
  • Oils high in essential fatty acids, such as primrose, salmon oil and vitamin E are all helpful and can also help reduce the inflammatory response; 6-8 capsules of EPO per day.
  • Zinc is important for any skin problem.
  • Many people have noticed huge differences in their skin once they have taken antioxidants. Enzogenol is an antioxidant that is based on New Zealand Pine bark.
  • Taking a digestive enzyme has helped with many people, as a lack of hydrochloric acid is prevalent in people with eczema.
  • Excessive toxicity in the body can cause a wide range of skin problems, so ensuring you are drinking no less than 2 litres of water a day is essential.
  • Taking a herbal blood purifying combination, such as Red Clover Combination, AKN Skin Care or the single herbs Burdock, Dandelion or Red Clover can help.
  • Formula 566 General Tonic  - Malcolm Harker, a well respected NZ Medical Herbalist, got sick of hearing that eczema and psoriasis are incurable diseases, so he developed Formula 566 General Tonic to specifically treat these disorders. When 566 is taken into the body, the herbs in this formula work on the digestive system, liver, spleen and pancreas to cleanse and rejuvenate the bloodstream, while also cleansing and strengthening the structures and functioning ability of these important vital organs.

When this happens, the skin is improved due to the better quality of the blood and lymph, energy is improved along with stress, fatigue and depression, the nervous system is soothed and strengthened and disorders such as acidity, acne, flatulence, colitis and indigestion are improved - as well as this, eczema.

Skin applications for Eczema...

There are many lotions that can be applied to the skin that can help relieve the external skin ailment. These include Emu Oil, Skin Peace Lotion, Chickweed Ointment or Chickweed Compound.

Nutrient & Herbal Support for Eczema...

Detoxification with a herbal blood purifying formula such as 566 General Tonic, 979 OSR, 825 Verm ez, Livatone, Internal Cleansing Program or any of the Thisilyn range of detox products.

Eczema Relief - The probiotic Eczema Relief may reduce itching associated with eczema, reduce sleeplessness associated with eczema and reduce the symptoms of eczema.

Colostrum - Helps feed the good bacteria in the intestines and heal the mucous covered lining of the bowel

Primrose Fish Oil and Vitamin E - Omega 3 fatty acids have been found to be lacking in cases of eczema. They inhibit the inflammatory process.

Antioxidant formula - Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds such as quercetin, bromelain, vitamin E, silymarin and vitamin C are indicated in eczema

Zinc - Zinc supplementation has been shown to be of special value in the successful treatment of eczema, probably due to its effect on fatty acid metabolism

Skin Peace Lotion - Made by Malcolm Harker, specifically to help with eczema and psoriasis

Some important factors for treating Eczema...

  • Be aware of any allergic reactions to food
  • Go on a detoxification program
  • Avoid fatty foods, dairy products, alcohol and refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour etc)
  • Eat raw vegetables, lean meat, fish, poultry
  • Reduce intake of whole milk, butter, cream, cheese, eggs, chocolate
  • Ensure you are drinking no less than 2 litres of water a day
  • Reduce stress levels, as these are a contributor to eczema
  • Hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) can be a contributor to eczema
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